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I welcome thee free spirit, which thou shalt come with an open heart, open mind and an open soul, for what you are about to read can only be understood by the wise who are eager to learn and to embrace the roots deep and forgotten in the hearts of the free people of Europe, by accepting who you are and where your roots lie, is half way into the great road of life. We will journey unto where our spirit takes us with the knowledge we gained. Learn and teach.

Wyrd: The blank rune

Many modern rune readers have introduced an extra, blank rune to the accepted symbols of the Elder Futhark. However, since the runes are essentially an alphabet, and each rune represents a letter, there is very little justification for this.

After all, each letter signifies a sound, or combination of sounds, and even in the modern alphabet there is no symbol that represents silence. In addition, there is no historical evidence whatsoever that the rune masters of the past ever included a blank stone or stick either in their divinations or in the runic calendar.

Some modern practitioners of runic divination have given the blank rune the name Wyrd, a word that literally means "fate". The norns were said to weave the web of Wyrd, in other words, creating the destiny to which we are all individually bound. In turn, according to some myths, the Norns were the daughters of a mysterious goddess called Wyrd, who seems to be little more than a personification of their collective function. One interpretation of the blank rune is that it signals that fate has taken a hand in your affairs and that you should look no further into the reading. However, this is a function that is already present in the Elder Futhark, found under Pertho. The function of fate as a necessity can likewise be found within the meaning of the rune Nauthiz. In summary, the Wyrd rune does not belong to any of the three aetts of the Elder Futhark.

For those who wish to use the blank rune in their readings, however, here are a few suggestions as to its possible interpretation. The Anglo-Saxons and other races of northern Europe believed in a universal force that they called Orlog. Orlog, which literally means "doom" or "destiny", governed the fate of nations and entire populations ( in fact, there is a Dutch word, oorlog, which means "war" ). In terms of this rune, Orlog should be taken to mean the individual fate that is our birthright. In expresses the karmic debt, which many believe has been carried over from a previous life. According to this view, most of the important elements if life are already predestined and nothing can be done to change them. When the blank rune turns up, it means that you are reaching such a point and that there is absolutely nothing you can do to change it. Although free will exists, at this moment events will go as they have been ordained.
If the blank rune turns up as the answer to a specific question, the answer is that this is not the right time to ask it.
The blank rune also indicates major changes in your life. Some even suggest that a bereavement is likely. However, since the rune has no symbolic associations, it would be difficult to work out if this is the case.
In my opinion, the use of Wyrd, the blank rune, is not necessary to runic divination, and is simply a modern addition to the ancient practice of rune-casting.

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NorvicensianDoran said...

Honestly, I've taken the opposition to this rune and thought of it in a whole new way.
The blank rune has achieved almost as much hatred from the strictest Heathens as Loki has. Therefore, I think of the blank rune as sort of the outside stuff that says "Wow. You are WAY too "set in your ways." Let's see what I can do to shake things up and yank you out of your comfort zone or remove the stick from your ass."
For some reason, I also painted a mini-labyrinth on one side of mine. I actually do use that as the face-up side, because in order to get to where you Need to go, instead of where you think you're heading, sometimes life has to throw you curve balls.

Arith Härger said...

Well, i totally see your point there, as a matter of fact, i dont use this rune, i acctualy use the elder futhark only, i go to the old traditions rather then the "new" stuff. But i had to post info fot those who are more familier with this blank rune.

thank you for your comment and support :)

Rydre Dusks said...

Every sight I've been going to has been telling me to use the blank rune as a substitute for others, and that any book that states how to use it is lying. I'm just starting out with the Elder Futhark set, but I use the blank rune as a reminder that not all things are within my power to control. I think everyone will interpret their runes differently. You provided the information about it that I have been struggling to search for. Thank you. :)

Arith Härger said...

You are very welcome. Indeed one of the first things we learn from the runes is that some subjects are kept in the secrets of the gods and we mustn't know. I always work with the Elder Futhark only, but i also need to share the knowledge of the other sets of runes for those who prefer to work with them. I'm glad that i've helped you.

Unknown said...

Before the rune was ever explained to me it was obvious what the meaning was. The sets feel incomplete without it. To me it represents forces you can't understand because they are too complicated for a mortal man. Just like you said. A divine intervention beyond your comprehension. Thanks for this.

hairinspirations said...

I think it can be used in readings as an amplifier. Endless possibilities or complete emptiness is fated, toward the runes it surrounds.

Ebony said...

The same went for me, I pulled it up when asking the results of future challenges and almost instantly knew that this meant I couldn't know now as it either hadn't been decided yet or I had no way to change it. I also saw it as a suggestion to go out and find your own answers!!

Ebony said...

Thank you for explaining this!! It really helped as a confirmation of my own beliefs about the rune!
I did my second reading today and pulled this up when asking about the result of future challenges (Kenaz) and almost immediately guessed that it meant that now wasn't the right time to ask, either because it wasn't decided yet or because I wasn't supposed to know as it was out of my
Hands. I really believe that this rune belongs in the set and the idea of a sound for silence seems mystical (like runes!) but also that its a reminder either to go out and make your own fate or that fate is not always in your own hands and some things are beyond us as mortals! (depending when/how you draw it) !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Here is my understanding of the blank rune.

According to many students of the runes and its historical lore, the blank rune is a new creation from the 1980 by a man with little background on the subject as a whole. The students rail against its use and strongly suggest the rune NOT be included with the other 24 traditional runes.

They argue that Peroth is adequate to represent the issues given the blank rune. But other scholars of rune lore have adopted the blank rune to symbolize the three Norns or Karma – the unknown -that which is beyond human understanding.

Let’s take a different perspective here. Consider that tradition states the Runes were earned by Odin and shared with humanity. Consider too that the meaning of those runes has evolved from human use and understanding as our world evolves from that of primeval forests of Northern Europe. Yes, they were a type of alphabet but they originally reflected human behavior, motivation, and thought before writing.

Consider, too, other runic systems exist which have been “added or subtracted” to/from the Elder Futark. So the addition of a blank rune by Blum is not without historical precedence. Also keep in mind that using the Runes is not reading from a “cookbook” but an exercise of human intuition interrelating with the runes in question. Human intuition or meditating is primary to interaction with the runes and this includes adding additional ones as the need surfaces, I think.

The blank rune is closely related to that of Peorth or the dice cup but different in focus as Peroth is related to divination and/or secrets and the blank rune symbolizes the total unknowable unknown which is fated by previous human behavior. Chance rules Peroth. Karma rules the blank rune where chance may or may not be the deciding factor, but prior behavior always is.

Whereas Peorth can disclose a mystery, the blank rune tells nothing except that Karma is working on the issue at hand. It represents the X in the equation of human endeavors, which cannot adequately be allowed for or explained by our view of the world in its present state.

Connie said...

To "Anonymous": a huge thank you for your shared insight...I found your post helpful indeed!

Unknown said...

Same, I usually take it out. But the bag called to me and i jokingly said “oh do you have advice then?” I reached in with the question on my mind- its a very life heavy one- and instead of any of the others i got this one. And knew for me this time it meant- this is out of your hands. Flow and create with it- don’t worry, but stop trying to control it.

Anonymous said...

The blank stone feels like your probe to personal creation, art or redesigned being according to present times. It a rune without a web and yet the lack of wen is daunting.

Unknown said...

I believe the rune depends on the individuals own life circumstances. Some say its chance, some say its karma. Some say its both which then leads to fate. However.. The blank rune is truly that of which you make it. That is the most misunderstood piece of humanity, not everything is on paper to instruct you "how". Sometimes you have to see random objects and make fire. That is where we started to begin with anyways.


Anonymous said...

The secrets of God

Beth said...

I'm scared I got this in a dialectic spread asking about my boyfriend: thesis: ken/torch, antithesis: is/ice, synthesis: odin. And that day we both have an motorbike accident, the first he's ever had, I'm ok in general, but he is in the hospital for a week now, they'd been draining his lung, first they say two days and they keep adding days, and they've done some negligence (they put the tube in the wrong place) tomorrow they'll put it again, wich is unbearable pain for him, I don't understand why this have to happen, It seems a never-ending story, what do you make of this reading. If you have any advice, I'm in the dark. Thanks

Unknown said...

Ty everone it is all very usefyl information and i agree that it would mean that the person casting runes frequency is not up to simalar frequency ,mayber the caster must raise there vibration to match the high frequency question ,when the time or person casting matchs that of the frequency of the question asked then the answer will become available.

Anonymous said...

I have just experienced a life changing event, unexpected, out of the blue. I am not a rune reader but I drew this rune last night as I adked for guidance. My whole body shivered and I knew it was sognificant. I believe it IS fate, destiny,karma nd something you cannot change or control. I somehow felt reassured that higher forces are at work and this ending is a new beginning. Apt as I am trusting in the highest and trying to stay in balance. For now this is my way forward.