Wight of the Nine Worlds


I welcome thee free spirit, which thou shalt come with an open heart, open mind and an open soul, for what you are about to read can only be understood by the wise who are eager to learn and to embrace the roots deep and forgotten in the hearts of the free people of Europe, by accepting who you are and where your roots lie, is half way into the great road of life. We will journey unto where our spirit takes us with the knowledge we gained. Learn and teach.

Going on vacations

Dear friends, i will be out working and on vacations! I will only get back on the last days of August.

Farewell friends!

I will be back with more information next month. Stay tuned!

FAQ - Where does your knowledge about the Northern Traditional paganism Comes from? Is it reliable?

Where does your knowledge about the Northern Traditional paganism Comes from?

My knowledge about the subjects i write at this blog comes from the hard study into mythological themes and Folklore, also it comes from the Lore written by the old people of the Northern countries. I also work very closely with shamans who practice these olf ways and they have much knowledge to share all the time.
It is important to exchange knowledge with others, speaking with them in debates, so that is also where my knowledge comes from, we are always teaching and learning with each other.

 Is it reliable?

Well, i'm not here to convince you of anything, nor it would be right if i thought that everybody would belive in the things i write. This blog is for those who are interested in these kinds of themes and subjects, for those who want to follow and learn from the northern old ways and traditional paganism. This is knowledge for all, but only few will get it or will be able to learn and practice. I'm certain that lots of people will not get this or will not believe, everyone is free to believe in what they will. I'm not trying to push anyone into this. So the information i write can be reliable for those who believe and are open minded to do so, i do not expect everyone to understand this, because not all are able to experience the things i and others have.

FAQ - Are you wiccan or wicca practitioner?

Are you wiccan or wicca practitioner?

No, i am not and i want to clear that up. I still follow and practice the old believes of my ancestors, which are, the Nordic old ways, Northern traditional paganism and the Norse pantheon. I'm also a close student of shamanism, expecially the Northern Shamanism practice by the people of Scandinavia, along with the Sami people and the people from Sibera and the old ways of the Eurasian northern people. I am a pagan if you want to call it that way, or a heathen, but do not make the mistake of thinking that i am a wiccan, because i only follow one pantheon of gods, nor am i a member of any Asatru or Heathen group, i still practice the ways of my family in ancient times, an try to connect as much as i can with the norse gods, the landvættir, the ancestors, elves and other spirits. I can't also be called just by an Asatru, or an Odinist, i am a man who practice something very close to Forn Sidhr or Forn Sed ( Old custom ), but also a very close student of the Northern shamanic ways, and as such, i don't have only the "affinity" or i don't pray to just one god or a specific group of gods such as the Vanir for exemple, rather, i try to pray and connect to all the spirits linked to me and to my family, and all the gods, Aesir, Vanir or the gods of the underworld. Each one has a purpose and each one has always something to teach.

FAQ - Can i use your artistic works?

Can i Use your artistic works?

This question is often asked, and first of all, these are the links you can find my works:



If in any case you want to use my works, please first like my facebook page or if you have a deviantart, make a watch at my profille.

When you want to use one of my works for an illustration online or something else in the network world, you ask me first. All i want is that you mention me at the place you put my work, with my name ( Arith Härger ) or with my nick name ( VikingWidunder ) with a link to my profille page, and i ask that you send me the link of the place so i can see how it looks and if everything is right.

I am not selling my artistic works at the moment.

I ask you to respect my wishes on this, and that you give the proper indications when you use my works, and all will be well. My works are under copyright.

Any more question about this subject, feel free to ask.

Thank you!

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Well, i'm adding a new and possibly the last lable, and i guess you all know what FAQ means, because i'm getting a lot of questions, i even made a registration on a web site just for people ask me questions and i can respond faster, but some questions come a lot of times, so i will add this lable here, it will be easy.

thank you.

Connecting with the Spirits

What is a spirit? How can it be defined?

The Spirit is the omnipresent energy possessed by all things. It is the throughout the universe. Spirit connects us one with another, but also with the animals, plants, rocks, water, air, the stars and the space between the stars. It is the skein of being beyond the physical that can be accessed for communication, for healing and for understanding.
Imagine a spider's web, a beautifully dedicate construction designed to catch flies and transmit vibrations. The structure is continuous, so that the whole is affected to some degree wherever an insect is trapped in it. Moreover, the spider can differentiate between the struggling of a trapped fly and the vibrations set up by, say, the wind or an airborne seed. The simile of a web is used in many traditional societies to illustrate the principle of connectedness, and the same analogy is used in the modern world - in the world wide web, the information superhighway, which permits worldwide communication in virtually no time at all. Just think of the energy incorporated here - energy that is an extension of the universal energy, the spirit of creation.
Of course, the universal connection is more complex that the tracery created by a single spider, or even the myriad connections of the internet, because there are webs within webs. The spirit web of the human race is made up of smaller webs of friends and family; the spiritual web of life on Earth is an amalgamation of humans, animals, plants, rocks and water.
The fundamental link in the web is energy.
Energy suffuses all things, but the energy of each part of creation vibrates at its own particular frequency. The energy encompassed by an entity, be it rock, a blade of grass or a human being, is an extension of the web of spirit, and the extent to which you can affect and be affected by communication on the network depends upon how receptive you are.
All of us are aware of energy on an instinctive level. We have all experienced atmospheres; in a room after and argument has occurred so much energy has been emitted that the air is thick with it. On a more subtle level, there is the instinctive feeling that you are liked or disliked by someone. Because humans have closely linked vibrations, the energy is readily sensed by other humans. A Shaman can extend this sensivity to feel the vibrations of other parts of creation.

Frelsa mær ástir minn

Frelsa mær ástir minn

In nameless lands of forgotten shores, i ride now up into the mountains. But it wasn't always such...
Over the surface of the waves i went, regardless in what perils could i find so far and deprived of my native land. Alas! What have i done? I have accepted the words of kings that now have succumb to death, among bands of fallen warriors that lie fallen and proud, if i haven't embraced the speech of my noble kinsmen, i wouldn't regret the situation where i am in, for council is often given by those who pronounce fair words, but are faint of heart, and only lies and deceiving are the true purpose in their minds.
The sky is veiled, and men sing around the bonfires, we bore torches and they were shimmering, but all knew that time draws near to certain sorrow and despair, war will destroy some, carring them away, but now is the time to give little heed to wreck and slaughter that will lay all about us.
The swords glittered with the coming of dawn, the light of torches flickered and went out, a sword rang as it was drawn and the furled banner, was released and now was fluttering with the wind.
We march and ride to the mountains, while the winter sun shines through the leaves of the trees. We went in haste, ere the night falls again, hither comes the fading of hope, in our hearts prevails a malady that will not be healed, the longing for home and to see our loved ones, that yearning feeling to swim in the golden waters of our beloved land, that now lies so far and we are wrapped in a grey shadow, where once stood gladness, and memory cannot seize.
But lo! We see great green fields, as vast as the eyes can reach, and the wood yonder, veiled in colors of fire. We were swayed with the beauty of such a place, that we did not heed the strange sounds in our surroundings.
An arrow flew right into my chest, and the sound of swords, axes and spears were heard, echoing in the deep valley with the shouting of men, calling upon challenge and praising the war gods.
I was shivering, the howling and icy north wind was like the gentle touch of her in my face and running down my neck, taking me in her arms.
The sky burst in fire, the clouds were torn asunder, and high above me, that beacon of hope, she was shining, smiling, biding me welcome, to the land of my forefathers and all is well now... How have i desired for this moment to come, my beloved waiting for me, in that place where dreams shared with her, can finaly be true, gladness and joy filled me...
and yes.. all is well now...

Arith Härger

Cσρуяιgнт © 2012™

Winter Grieving

Winter Grieving

I have walked this shadowed road
hidden in the concealment of the moon

buried deep within, an heavy load
upon my heart a sorrowful tune

There i went abject and grieving
thus the remnants of my soul burned
such it was this irreverent feeling
regardless of what i did and learned

Hail to thee! coming by this path
for men rejoice to see other men
like soft brise, ending a storm's wrath
without knowing what happens to us then...

This mournful spirit wanders in the wilderness
all knowledge erned, turned to curse
deprived of revelry, my companion is witness
my soul burns with each verse

Arith Härger

Cσρуяιgнт © 2012™

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The Ignorant Mind

The Ignorant Mind

One mind is not equal to another
the half-wise are everywhere
speech passed down by a father
misunderstood words for the unaware

For men to be midle-wise is the best
these words i hold to be true
not over cunning and clever to his guest
if words he can not speak or deeds he can not do

The wise man whose lore is so deep
seldom in heart shall he find happiness
roads of madness he will meet
in that he must take awareness

The fairest life that one can take
is he who knows not the ways of the world
he shall not succumb to that fate
and live in peace among his folk

The future is not able for men to know
too much knowledge he would not bear
the goddesses of fate that will not show
for he would quickly fall into dispair

He who fancies to be full of wisdom
will find he knows nothing at all
he will lose the rights of his own kingdom
as soon as he begins to talk

The ignorant had best be silent
when among the wiser he will dwell
he must put his wits into retirement
and be glad to learn how to spell.

Arith Härger

Cσρуяιgнт © 2012™

My Writings - New Lable

This is a new lable that i am adding with the poems and short storys i creat. Well i'm not a writter, in fact it is very easy for me to creat a story, but then write it... well that is harder, hard to articulate the words in order to make sense and to captivate the readers. In any case.. i am adding this lable, in the future, i hope you like all of my writtings, poems, storys, about the themes i deal here at this blog.


Reading the Runes: The Five Directions Method

The Five Directions Method

This simple runic arrangment utilises five randomly chosen runes. This is another pattern that is laid out in a cross-like formation. Start at the bottom of the cross shape. The second rune goes on the left and the third at the top. The fourth rune is placed on the right and, finally, the fifth in the centre. This type of reading is suitable for answering a specific question. All of the runes should be placed face down and turned over one by one until the reading is completed.

Position 1 - The past and its influence on the query.
Position 2 - Problems and potential obstacles in your path.
Position 3 - Strokes of luck and other benefical influences working in your favour.
Position 4 - The immediate outcome.
Position 5 - This rune represents both the eventual outcome and the lesson that you should have learned from the experience.