Wight of the Nine Worlds


I welcome thee free spirit, which thou shalt come with an open heart, open mind and an open soul, for what you are about to read can only be understood by the wise who are eager to learn and to embrace the roots deep and forgotten in the hearts of the free people of Europe, by accepting who you are and where your roots lie, is half way into the great road of life. We will journey unto where our spirit takes us with the knowledge we gained. Learn and teach.

Menhirs in Agriculture

As we already know, menhirs and dolmens and all the other megalithic monuments are placed in specific places where the ley lines pass, with various purposes, one of those is to help in the fertilization of the soils for a better agriculture, concentrating the energy of the earth on those places, which makes the land around the monumento a proper place to grow food.
There is a well known report on this subject, counted by L. Charpentier in a dialogue  with a peasant in France who had one erected menhir with 4m in one of his meadows, and so he said:
"I do not know if it's because of the stone, but it's my best meadow and what has the best grass for the animals and they love it. If I knew, i would also put stones on the other meadows. If the ancients put this one here, they ought to have had some idea in mind. Perhaps they were smarter than what we think .. "
For this farmer and for many others like him, some stones properly placed, were beneficial for agriculture. As the human body is  traversed  by energy currents, and the land is covered by telluric currents, thus we can make a connection between acupuncture needles with the needles of Stone (Menhirs) that influence the vegetation.
Ancient legends say that in the vicinity of Mont Saint Michel, northern France, existed in some farmlands, menhirs with very strange names such as one called "Pierre Bonde", where it is said that it"Was blocking the entrance of the abyss", which means that if this menhir was removed, the waters from the ocean would invade the land. In olde times, Mount Saint Michel, now threatened by the waters, was once a fertile Hill. It is known that when the Britons expelled from Britain, took refuge in the country of Armor later Brittany (Northern France), already had been Christianized. Equally we know that they had to fight in the region of Mount Saint Michel, a religious war against autochthonous pagans who worshiped the standing stones. The Christian invaders destroyed a large number of these stones, and among them, the huge dolmen that crowned the hill and it was a place of pilgrimage in Gaul. Shortly after this invasion, by coincidence or not, the sea invaded the bay of Mont St Michel. Is it just coincidence that, after the invasion of these Christians in Britain, the sinking of the Gulf of Morbihan started, which did not exist in the time of Caesar.
This leads us to believe that the invaders, by ignoring the local traditions and ancestral knowledge about the science of megaliths have destroyed some vertical stone - menhir - which provided the important bio-energetic balance that exists there.
The fact is that the storming waters invaded the cultivated land that until then had been a fértile land for agriculture.

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The "Talking" Stones

I have come across a lot of traditional tales in Portugal as well as there are in other European countries, about the "talking" stones, that i found it to be fascinating and i want to share this with you.

The believe in the talking stones kept alive until today in some places, seems to be a fanciful and unreasonable tale, however, this has a background based on truth and it has a scientific explanation. In fact, stones with such functions are located in strategic points of geomagnetic networks. Thus, information sent via a menhir located on these geomagnetic networks, it could very well be captured by another stone placed at a point on the same network. It is said that this was how the druids could communicate with each other, being separated by large distances, during the Roman invasions of Gaul.
A better way to understand how these telluric currents are perceptible, is through carrier pigeons, as these birds use them for guidance and to be able to return to their pigeonry. The carrier pigeons are sensitive to the variation of the terrestrial magnetic fields modified by the telluric currents. Scientists know that the magnetite located in the head of pigeons allows them to have an expectional way of guidance. On the other hand it is also known today that man also has some portions of this mineral magnetized in various parts of the body. This fact allows us to suppose that man had once been able to use an identical sistem as of the carrier pigeons, to detect the energy of the places to construct and erect megaliths and to build their temples, for as we know nowadays, none of the megalithic monuments is randomly placed, they are all placed where the Ley lines of the earth pass, an worldwide fact too well made and located in the proper places, to be just a coincidence that a lot of different cultures from different continents did.
Nowadays this seems to us an absurd fact because we do not own this ability to feel this invisible reality or to see it with our own eyes, but it has a very simple explanation. The difficulty we face today has much to do with the various types of pollution, such as electric and electro-magnetic types of pollution (as in the case of transmission antennas, masts and power stations and more recently GSM antennas) which are serious obstacles to the recognition of the signals emitted by the earth itself.
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Dolmen - Monuments for the cult of the dead?

Many were those that have always said that the objective of Dolmens, was merely for funeral purposes, taking into account the large number of human remains found inside many of them. However, most of the time, the skulls found inside are from different ethnic races and from different periods in history, which indicates that these monuments were considered by many the rightful places to put their dead, some of the monuments even have human remains from people of distant countries, so why giving all the truble to travel so far to place their dead in such specific monuments? But this might indicate, that people wanted to put their dead in the ancient sacred monuments, even if they had forgotten about the real purpose of that place, they just knew it was sacred and somehow with something very special about it. Well, in truth, nowadays we have to put aside the purpose of these monuments to be mere constructions to place the dead, because there are many dolmens that have never contained human remains, especially those build side by side in the riverbed of so many rivers, so this means that the first purpose wasn't to place their dead, for they certainly knew that the rivers in winter would flood and for sure would take their dead away. Also there are many dolmens build above natural fountains and other sources of water that come from underground, so it wasn't likely that these monuments were in fact build for the purpose of placing the dead, because the putrefied body would poison the water, especially the human body, which releases a lot of toxic chemicals that are highly poisonous to any living creature, and of course these people knew about it, they had been dealing with the dead for thousands of years.
Some scholars defend the theory that in fact these monuments are places of magic, and when i am talking of magic, it has a scientific explanation of couse. Some of you might have heard about the Ley lines, invisible lines of pure energy on the earth, as if it were the very veins of the planet, electrical energy which is formed by the very movement of the earth and its tectonic plates, energy coming from the very center of the planet. These lines could only be found a couple of decades ago, with modern technology and studies, before that, it was just a myth, something taken out of a fantasy story of ancient times, but now we do know that these exist and we also know for a fact that each Dolmen isn't randomly placed, they are all in the same places as the Ley lines pass, and we also know that such as Menhirs, Dolmens also retain the energy of the earth in that place, which makes the land more fértile and also forms a magnetic field which works like a magnet acting on the particles of water that are in the clouds, making rain on the site, which also helps in the soil fertility. This magnetic field and the energy of the earth in these places, also acts on the very human body, activating the cells, which helps in our health, so we can honestly say that these monuments were in fact places for healthcare, to "clean" the body of illness, pain, or even lifting the mood, sending electrical charges to the brain, that is how the brain functions, with electricity.
This might be the explanation for the dolmens that have human remain from different piriods in time and different cultures, travelling there in search for a cure, this is also why there are so many statues, pottery, coins and other gifts people used to give to the local deities, found in these places and also from different periods of history. But finding human remains in these places, also show that people ignored the real function of these monuments or simply forgot about it or how to use them, and used the site to deposit the dead only, but the real purpose of it, wasn't this. Nowadays we can put aside the idea that these were places for the dead.
When we study the forms of construction of these monuments, we realize that they were something much more important than simple funeral monuments, this because the places were these monuments were built wasn't chosen randomly, on the contrary, these were actually places traversed by telluric currents in their pure state.
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Hermod - The torch on dark roads

We know of some gods from differente cultures, that are the psychopomp archetype, the kind of gods more linked to the soul and to the shamanic journeys than others, specific gods to whom people turn to when there is the need of a spiritual journey to whatever realm of the spiritual world, especially when it comes to the underworld or the place where most mortal spirits rest.
In the Northern traditional paganism, Hermod is such a god, a god who guides people to and fro, between this world and the next, but he will guide you well if you have the need to visit the Underworld.

There are Norse tales that tells us of Hermod being the son of Odin, other tells us of him being one of Odin's squires, both might be true, for in ancient times, especially in the Norse countries, the younger sons of a King could indeed be his pageboys/squires and sent to other countries for diplomacy, call for help and call to arms, and usually they would serve as ransom, and would stay in a country away from his home land in token of peace and good will, as a prove that the King would keep his promise, if the case was some kind of a quest and people needed to go and help in the war or some importante battle, the King's son would stay in the country until the quest/war/battle was done and the people could return to their homeland, only after they arrive, the boy could return home. For the elder brothers of the King's young son, this wasn't something to be sad about, because in the Viking times brothers would fight to death to be the only heirs to the throne, and if anybrother was away, there was no need to kill him and the way to the throne was easier to get. But to the King, sending his younger son to another country as a squire, on an errand, was a way to protect him against his brothers.

Hermod is also one of the gods associated with the tale of the death of Baldr, for when he died and walked the road to Helheim, the goddess Frigga hoped that somehow there could be na exception for her youngest son to return to life and come back to live in Asgard Frigga asked among the Aesir if there was anyone there who wanted to gain all her love and favor, the only thing they needed to do, wa ridding to Helheim and ask the Queen of the dead, Hela, for mercy and if Baldr could return home. Hermod was the brave one who stepped forward to do the task, and Ódin lend him his steed, Sleipnir for the task. Hermod rode for nine days and nine nights and met the guardian goddess Mordgud at the river Gjoll. Mordgud gave him the news, that Baldr had already passed the bridge and went through Hel Gate the night before. Hermod entered the gate and knelt before the goddess of the Underworld, Hela, and asked for Baldr to become alive again. Hela told him that Baldr could be reborn if all creatures wept for him, by hearing this, Hermod returned to Asgard giving the news to Frigga. Baldr gave Hermod his ring Draupnir which had been burned with him on his funeral pyre, this was a token to prove that Hermod had spoken to Baldr. Nana, Baldr's wife, after taking suicide because of the grief of her husband's death, was also with him in Helheim, and gave to Hermod a linen robe for Frigga and a ring for Fulla. Frigga by hearing the news, asked to all creatures to weep for Baldr, and so they did, except a giantess who was Loki in disguise, and because of this, Baldr remained in Helheim and the journey of Hermod was wasted, but Hermod became a deity of guidance and since that time, he started to help people on the dark roads of Helheim to find their path into their last home of eternity. People can call upon him for guidance, and he can help when the road ahead seems dark and dreadful, for all of us need to choose our own paths, and some times the choise is hard but must be taken... Hermod can help you in taking the first step.

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The Megalithic Phenomenon

Some authors though that the megalithic phenomenon had started in Portugal before it went to the other mediterranean countries and to the north of Europe, however, recente studies have shown that this phenomenon arose spontaneously in various regions of the globe. These megalithic monuments go all the way from south Sweden, to Corsica and Sardinia, going to the Brithish islands and Irland, back again to Denmark, France, Spain and Portugal, but there are also monuments like these, found along the African coasts, Asia and America. In Europe there are more or less 50.000 dolmens and menhirs, that have escaped to the destruction by the hand of man, either to make walls for houses or walls to enclose the fields for agriculture of each farmer and ruined by pillaging and looting, but the biggest threa of all, was bu christian hands, trying to clean these ancient pagan sites which were still in use by many cultures of Europe, even after thousands of years. We know for a fact that the number of megaliths in the christianized countries was twice that which is today.

The megalithic extension goes from Dhaka in the Asian continent, where we can find a big concentration of these monuments, more or less 2.200 dolmens, also in Pendjab, oriental Pakistan and Ceylon, in Africa, na extension covering the Maghreb region and the northern parts of Algeria and Tunisia and to the south, Ethiopia, and of course coming to Europe.

These monuments are surprising by their greatness and the perfection of its execution, despite the great difficulties of building these megalithic complexes in an era so remote with few or almost nonexistent construction utensils.

It seems strange to declare that this megalithic phenomenon spread to other countries by sea, however, it is true that we can see those in America, or in islands of the Iberian Peninsula, and the most famous of all islands, Great Britain, so there is this speculation, of navigators going into the oceans, spreading these monuments, but who were they? where did they come from? and what kind of scientific and technical knowledge they had to do such a thing and to lift those gigantic monuments? There is still much speculation about these questions and most of it remains a mystery, however, there is a very good and plausible explanation for how they went to continentes and islands only reached by sea. For example, Great Britain was once part of the European land mass, attached to the Iberian Peninsula, people from Egypt could go on foot from their country passing through the Iberian Peninsula and into Great Britain, without using a single boat, also, when the Ice Age begain,all the North of Europe all the way to the very centre of Portugal and of Spain, was an imense tick icy Wall, a great natural bridge that linked the European continent to the American one, and many people from that era, migrated from one palce to another, going to and from between continentes, so it is also possible that Alaska for example, was still attached to Sibéria.

This will be one of the greatest mysteries of humankind, but we are always working to find the truth, or at least a good explanation for how was it possible for these people, so called primitive, to erect these monuments, that even today is hard to lift with machines, i mean... we have to take into account that, most of these monuments, especially menhirs, far exceed 7 meters in height, and its weight reaches up to or exceeds 100 tons, we must take into account that the transportation and erection of these monuments should not have been a simple job. Quite the contrary, it implied a sophisticated technique and also a considerably  well planed organization to take this outstanding work. The European humans at this time, still lived on a primary stage of social organization and had a technique not evolved enough to allow them to perform these megalithic constructions.
Also we need to think about the fact that most of the stones of these monuments aren't near the quarry where they were previously extracted, for example the dolmen of El soto in Huelva in Spain, one of it's slabs was trasnported from a distance superior to 38 klm (23 miles ), but the most spectacular case is that of the "blue stones" of Stonehenge, these 24 blocks of stone, weighing more than 350 tons, which constitute the second circle of the great monument, were extracted for the Prescelly hills in Wales, and placed on the plain of Salisbury, about 230 klm ( 141 miles ) of its original place. Another amazing fact his the case of the dolmen in Pépieux ( France ) with a slab with more than 30 tons, on top of an isolated Hill, with very inclined slopes. How was it possible to bring such heavy stones up there?

This remains a mystery to be solved. Suffice to say, that these people weren't that primitive as we may think.

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