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Dolmen - Monuments for the cult of the dead?

Many were those that have always said that the objective of Dolmens, was merely for funeral purposes, taking into account the large number of human remains found inside many of them. However, most of the time, the skulls found inside are from different ethnic races and from different periods in history, which indicates that these monuments were considered by many the rightful places to put their dead, some of the monuments even have human remains from people of distant countries, so why giving all the truble to travel so far to place their dead in such specific monuments? But this might indicate, that people wanted to put their dead in the ancient sacred monuments, even if they had forgotten about the real purpose of that place, they just knew it was sacred and somehow with something very special about it. Well, in truth, nowadays we have to put aside the purpose of these monuments to be mere constructions to place the dead, because there are many dolmens that have never contained human remains, especially those build side by side in the riverbed of so many rivers, so this means that the first purpose wasn't to place their dead, for they certainly knew that the rivers in winter would flood and for sure would take their dead away. Also there are many dolmens build above natural fountains and other sources of water that come from underground, so it wasn't likely that these monuments were in fact build for the purpose of placing the dead, because the putrefied body would poison the water, especially the human body, which releases a lot of toxic chemicals that are highly poisonous to any living creature, and of course these people knew about it, they had been dealing with the dead for thousands of years.
Some scholars defend the theory that in fact these monuments are places of magic, and when i am talking of magic, it has a scientific explanation of couse. Some of you might have heard about the Ley lines, invisible lines of pure energy on the earth, as if it were the very veins of the planet, electrical energy which is formed by the very movement of the earth and its tectonic plates, energy coming from the very center of the planet. These lines could only be found a couple of decades ago, with modern technology and studies, before that, it was just a myth, something taken out of a fantasy story of ancient times, but now we do know that these exist and we also know for a fact that each Dolmen isn't randomly placed, they are all in the same places as the Ley lines pass, and we also know that such as Menhirs, Dolmens also retain the energy of the earth in that place, which makes the land more fértile and also forms a magnetic field which works like a magnet acting on the particles of water that are in the clouds, making rain on the site, which also helps in the soil fertility. This magnetic field and the energy of the earth in these places, also acts on the very human body, activating the cells, which helps in our health, so we can honestly say that these monuments were in fact places for healthcare, to "clean" the body of illness, pain, or even lifting the mood, sending electrical charges to the brain, that is how the brain functions, with electricity.
This might be the explanation for the dolmens that have human remain from different piriods in time and different cultures, travelling there in search for a cure, this is also why there are so many statues, pottery, coins and other gifts people used to give to the local deities, found in these places and also from different periods of history. But finding human remains in these places, also show that people ignored the real function of these monuments or simply forgot about it or how to use them, and used the site to deposit the dead only, but the real purpose of it, wasn't this. Nowadays we can put aside the idea that these were places for the dead.
When we study the forms of construction of these monuments, we realize that they were something much more important than simple funeral monuments, this because the places were these monuments were built wasn't chosen randomly, on the contrary, these were actually places traversed by telluric currents in their pure state.
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