Wight of the Nine Worlds


I welcome thee free spirit, which thou shalt come with an open heart, open mind and an open soul, for what you are about to read can only be understood by the wise who are eager to learn and to embrace the roots deep and forgotten in the hearts of the free people of Europe, by accepting who you are and where your roots lie, is half way into the great road of life. We will journey unto where our spirit takes us with the knowledge we gained. Learn and teach.

History of Europe - Prehistoric

In the great continent of Europe, people have always been free with their belives, the first human settlements in Europe were between 45,000 and 25,000 BC. We have been free of mind and spirit for so long, you can put it in these words, taht we have been pagans for more and less then 45,000 years and we have been christians for considerably less then 2,000 years, by that time, Europe started to live in a close mind, restricted from our roots and beliefs for a terrible long time now, why have we forgotten the good ways? the healthy traditions? The valours? We have been in the shadow of Christianity for too long.
The bones of the earliest Europeans were found in Albania and are dated at 1.8 million years ago.

The first records of the use of tecnology by the first Europeans were made by the Aurignacian culture. The origins of this culture can be located in what is now Bulgaria (proto-Aurignacian) and Hungary (first full Aurignacian). By 35,000 BC, the Aurignacian culture and its technology had extended through most of Europe. The last Neanderthals seem to have been forced to retreat during this process to the southern half of the Iberian Peninsula, what is today the countries of Portugal and of Spain.
Around 24,000 BC two new technologies/cultures appeared in the southwestern region of Europe: Solutrean and Gravettian. The Gravettian technology/culture has been theorised to have come with migrations of people from the Middle East, Anatolia, and the Balkans.
Around 19,000 BC, Europe witnesses the appearance of a new culture, known as Magdalenian, possibly rooted in the old Aurignacian one. This culture soon supersedes the Solutrean area and the Gravettian of mainly France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal and Ukraine. Around 12,500 BC, the Würm Glacial age ends. Slowly, through the following millennia, temperatures and sea levels rise, changing the environment of prehistoric people. Nevertheless, Magdalenian culture persists until 10,000 BC, when it quickly evolves into two microlithist cultures: Azilian, in Spain and southern France, and Sauveterrian, in northern France and Central Europe. Evidence of permanent settlement dates from the 7th millennium BC in the Balkans. The Neolithic reached Central Europe in the 6th millennium BC and parts of Northern Europe in the 5th and 4th millennium BC.

Shamanic Astrology

Note:  The Drawing to illustrate this was made by me.

Because i've made your Signs with the Celtic ones in Trees, i will now do it with the animals, but now a more European Shamanic view. We must respect all living things, for we are all part of a great web that connects us all, and all living things have a soul and feelings, we should and have to love them as if they were a part of our own souls.

Bullet; Green October 23 - November 21
Birth and animal totem: Snake
Moon: Cold Winds Moon
Season Aspect: The Frosting Time
Elemental Clan: Frog Clan
Plant totem: Mums
Polarity with: Beaver
Personality: Impulsive, ambitious
Emotions: Hidden, Keeping things inside
Spiritual Path: Expressing inner intuition
Strengths: Creativity, ability to change and sensitive to others

Bullet; Green November 22 - December 21

Birth and animal totem:

Moon: Snowy Moon
Season Aspect: Starry Night Moon
Elemental Clan: Hawk Clan
Plant totem: Poinsettia
Polarity with: Deer
Personality: Laugh-hearty, loving and independent
Emotions: Caring
Spiritual Path: Spiritual Evolution
Strengths:Optimistic, Happy and focused
Compatibilities:  Falcons and Salmon

Bullet; Green December 22 - January 19

Birth and animal totem: Snow Goose

Moon: New Moon
Season Aspect: The renewal Time
Elemental Clan: Turtle Clan
Plant totem: Bramble
Polarity with: Woodpecker
Personality: Reliable, high standards of self
Emotions: Self concerned
Spiritual Path: To learn patience and the flow of life
Strengths: Sociable, well spoken
Compatibilities:  Beavers, Bears and Crows

Bullet; Green January 20 - February 18

Birth and animal totem: Otter

Moon: Cleasing moon
Season Aspect: TThe cleasing time
Elemental Clan: Butterfly Clan
Plant totem: Fern
Polarity with: Salmon
Personality: Sociable, talkative and independent
Emotions: Creative, unconventional
Spiritual Path: Applying spiritual knowledge to daily life
Strengths: Tolerance, courage

Compatibilities:  Crows, Falcons and Deer

Bullet; Green February 19 - March 20

Birth and animal totem: Wolf

Moon: Worm awakening moon
Season Aspect: in-between time
Elemental Clan: Frog ( water ) clan
Plant totem: Plantain
Polarity with: Brown Bear
Personality: Compassionate, Benevolent, Generous, Artistic and gentle
Emotions: Deep
Spiritual Path: Love
Strengths: Intuition, creativity and understanding
Compatibilities:  Woodpeckers, Brown Bears and Snakes.

Bullet; Green March 21 - April 19

Birth and animal totem: Red Hawk

Moon: Budding trees moon
Season Aspect: The awakening time
Elemental Clan: Hawk Clan
Plant totem: Dandelion
Polarity with: Falcon
Personality: Active
Emotions: Quickly aroused
Spiritual Path: Expanding the individual through discernment
Strengths: Persistence and patience with others
Compatibilities:  Salmon and Owls

Bullet; Green April 20 - May 20

Birth and animal totem: Beaver

Moon: Frogs return moon
Season Aspect: The growing time
Elemental Clan: Turtle Clan
Plant totem: Wild clover
Polarity with: Snake
Personality: Resourceful and methodical
Emotions: High strung
Spiritual Path: To discover that which has lasting value
Strengths: Accepting change, compassion, inner security and confidence
Compatibilities:  Woodpeckers, Brown Bears and Geese

Bullet; Green May 21 - June 20

Birth and animal totem: Deer

Moon: Corn planting moon
Season Aspect: the flowering time
Elemental Clan: Butterfly Clan
Plant totem: Lily of the valley
Polarity with: Owl
Personality: Talkative, congenial, moody
Emotions: Sensitive
Spiritual Path: Sharing what one has learned or experienced for growth
Strengths: Persistence and Concentration
Compatibilities:  Crows and otters

Bullet; Green June 21 - July 21

Birth and animal totem: Woodpecker

Moon: Strong sun moon
Season Aspect: Long days time
Elemental Clan: Frog clan
Plant totem: Wild rose
Polarity with: Goose
Personality: Emotional, Vulnerable but protective
Emotions: Protective, wanting to protect
Spiritual Path: Fitting in with the greater good
Strengths: Resourcefulness, self acceptance and Forgiveness
Compatibilities:  Snakes, Wolves, Beavers

Bullet; Green July 22 - August 21

Birth and animal totem: Salmon

Moon: Ripe berries moon
Season Aspect: the ripening time
Elemental Clan: Fish Clan
Plant totem: Raspberry
Polarity with: Otter
Personality: Confident and Energetic
Emotions: Passionate and intense
Spiritual Path: To find the underlying purpose of life
Strengths: olerance, humbleness and letting go
Compatibilities:  Owl and Falcon 

Bullet; Green August 22 - September 21

Birth and animal totem: Bear ( Brown Bear )

Moon: Harvest Moon
Season Aspect: Harvesting time
Elemental Clan: Turtle Clan
Plant totem: Violets
Polarity with: Wolf
Personality: Practical and Industrious
Emotions: Warm and thought out
Spiritual Path: Understanding it all
Strengths: Optimism, tolerance and self acceptance
Compatibilities:  Geese and Beavers

Bullet; Green Septemver 22 - October 22

Birth and animal totem: Raven or Crow

Moon: Ducks Flying Moon
Season Aspect: Falling leaves time
Elemental Clan: Butterfly Clan
Plant totem: Ivy
Polarity with: Falcon
Personality: Tolerant and friendly
Emotions: sensitive
Spiritual Path: peace and balance
Strengths: caution, making decisions and letting go

Compatibilities: Otter and Deer

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Things you can do without religion

The things you can do for the world, for yourself and the community you live in, and there is no need for relegion, i will write them in here, of course there will be much more you can do, just take a thought on it, i will also talk about things you can do that will please the gods but it you leave you happy and you will do much for the world, working with the gods without even knowing it.

Things you can do without religion:

To start, you can make the ritual that will help the green land around you and you dont need to have a specific religion, take a bag with you, go into the green places you know, they can be public or not, parks, woodland, forests etc. and the filth people leave behind, those mindless monkeys, you can pick the trash and put it in the bag, and throw it into the right place, the proper containers.

Dont waste anything, not even toys and clothes, there are people in need and they will need those, children,
homeless people and other, dont waste, give it to them, i am sure that were you live in, the big city, there are also containers for that, or you can go to an institution and give to them, clothes, toys, furniture etc.
Dont waste food, that is very important, consume what you can, and the
leftovers you keep them to eat the next day, also food like fruit what its left of it, it's "skin" like the banana, orange, pear, apple etc. those are organic waste, you can give it back to the earth, it will fertilize the ground, of course you cant throw it wherever you like, just in the green places, it will give some "strength" to the land.

Help the public parks around you, to grow beautiful and green, let nature do its works, dont let people throw away the garbadge into the ground, dont let them put their cars in it, warn the proper
authorities, they have the power to do something about it, i'm not just talking about the police, but also to those who take care of your parks in your city or town.

Energy! Dont waste it! dont leave your TV or other electronic stuff on when no one is there to use it, after you  turn off your tv or computer etc. take it off the plug or buy those that have a button that you can turn eveything off and go away in

When anything is not right in your street, take a photo and send it to your town hall, into the respective place where they can do somethign about it.

It is also important to reclicle!

Be in favour to the renewable energies and agriculture!

Dont consume the animals from the
supermarkets, they are killed in mass and in horrible ways, at least try not consuming that everyday, give a time for the vegetables, fruit and soup!
Instead of
buying an animal in a strore, go to the kennels and adopt an animal, even if he is too old, give him a home, a shelter, a cozy and warm place and give him love, let his last days in this earth be in peace and gladness, protect the animals, they can't defend themselves, they are often harmless.

Love your family, ang give love, respect others' opinions, know how to listen. Honor your friends and family, they will one day be your ancestors and so will you be the ancestor of someone, give love, care, respect.

Teach your children with good values, to respect nature and others, to respect life, dont fill their minds with religion, politics, football clubs etc. let them choose for their own, teach them to be polite and how to live in honor.

Things you can also do with or without religion:

There are somethings you can do that will please the gods, but you can also do without any religion, no matter what you belive, it will be good for you and for your community.

Here it goes a list of somethings:

Clean the beaches, dont let the water take the waste into the sea, that will save many animals and yourself, every year thousands of animals are traped in the wastes we throw into the water, many die in horrible ways. Help in this, that will please the Sea Gods.

Many animals die because its hard nowadays to find shelter, the growing of the city takes away many species, the lack of trees makes the work even harder, give yourself a shelter to the animals in need, especially at winter, buy or build a wooden box for birds, for bats, or one large to put food so other creatures near by can eat, like squirrels, owls etc. Many will come to live there and the lost species will return, keep the trees and the many green places you can in your town and even in the city, and you will see in time, that many diferent animals return.

Honoring the Gods of Nature and Agriculture such as Frey the Nordic God -
Directly participate in raising the food that nourishes you and your family. If you don't have the means to garden, or keep a few chickens, then perhaps you could do some work for someone who does in exchange for some of the food, or volunteer.

Learn, and teach others, how to cook wholesome foods from ingredients you can afford.

Plant trees!
Bake bread, or brew beer, and share it with your family.
Make a commitment to consistently buy a basic food item (such as butter, flour, or breakfast cereal) organic and sustainably raised.
Shop at a local farmers market or buy directly from a small local family farm, especially an organic one.

To Honor the Death gods such as Hela from the Nordic Pantheon - Live life well! Accepting who you are, respecting nature and taking care of it, teaching others to do the same, live your life as if you weren't live throughout the year, what would your priorities be? Live that way at least part of every year.

Dont waste! As i have tould before. To throw something away because it is ugly or imperfect is waste, and perhaps someone who cannot afford the best would be grateful for the imperfect. Give away and recycle everything you can. Throw away only what would be rejected even by the desperate.

In judgement you will be judged not by how you behave towards those you love and respect, but by how you behave towards those you hate and hold in contempt.

Support Green Burial. Lobby for green cemeteries in your area.
Choose green burial or cremation. Don't add to the poison in the Earth with your death.

Volunteer at a hospice program. Volunteer to sit with a dying elder who is being cared for at home so that their caretakers can get a few hours away to do necessary things. Volunteer to help and talk to terminally ill patients, at home or in a hospital. Do not be afraid of or disgusted by those who are soon to pass over.

Volunteer to clean road-kill off the roads. Say a prayer for the spirits of the dead animals.

Best Regards:

Arith Härger ( Vikingwidunder )

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I am Back!

So i am back to work and to write in here, i have scheduled some writings and there are still few like that, but i will write more and i will be here, if you want to comment, feel free to do so. I hope you like what you read, i will also talk more about European History and my personal thoughts and experiences, about the runes will always be at Wednesdays and the celebrations that come throughout the year. Stay well and thank you.

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Celtic Birth Signs

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Because i know many like to know their signs in zodiac, not just the common ones but others from other religions and points of view, people tend to follow that or just because they have curiosity or because it is fun. So i will give you here your celtic signs in trees, because as you well know or should know, nature is important, we must honor it and respect its powers, and most of the religions before the coming of christianity, expecialy in europe, there is always a representation of nature in our lifes, how we came from it, and how it empowers us. The works of the divine beings ofthen express themselves in nature.

Celtic Birth sign for 24 Dec - 20 Jan.
Pure Vitality
New Starts & Beginings
Tree: Birch

Celtic Birth sign for 21 Jan - 17 Feb.
Protective flame
Insight, Psychic powers
Healing success
Creative Inspiration
Tree : Rowan

Celtic Birth sign for18 Feb - 17 March.
Bridge between worlds i.e. inner & outer worlds linked.
Guardian of Peace
Tree : Ash

Celtic Birth sign for 18 March - 14 April.
Steadfast to true principles
Tenacious & determined
Has Spiritual Protection during disputes.
Tree : Alder

Celtic Birth sign for15 April -12 May.
Tree : Willow

Celtic Birth sign for 13 May - 9 June.
Represents: Cleansing
Tree : Hawthorn

eltic Birth sign for 10 June - 7 July.
Courage, strength & endurance
Inner spiritual strength
Door to mysteries
Tree : Oak

eltic Birth sign for 8 July - 4 August.
Balance & justice
Clear vision & Courage
Dream Magic Protection
Also Unconditional Love
Tree : Holly Tree

Celtic Birth sign for 5 Aug - 1 Sept.
Creative wisdom
Pure & concentrated essence
Tree : Hazel

Celtic Birth sign for 2 Sept - 29 Sept
Inspired knowledge
Inner key in problems
Tree : Vine

Celtic Birth sign for 30 Sept - 27 Oct
Transformational development
Focus on true goals
Tree : Ivy

Celtic Birth sign for 28 Oct-24 Nov
Growth & good health
Harmony between realms
Purpose & unity in will
Adapt, Modify
Tree : Reed - Hidden roots to all life

Celtic Birth sign for 25 Nov - 22 Dec
Eternal revolutionary change
Balanced and mature outlook
Tree : Elder

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Mythology around runes: Hagalaz


The runes of the second aett take their name from Hagalaz. The first aett begins with chaos and continues to describe the order that was created from it. In this case, the chaos is unexpected, although it is intimately connected with the past. The goddess most closely associated with Hagalaz is Urd, one of the three Norns who wove the web of fate. Urd is thought to be the Norn of the past, the other two, Verdandi and Skuld, being the present and the future respectively. Another, more sinister, goddess is also connected with this rune. She is Hel or Hella to whom i've written about in a previous post, from whose name we derive the english word "hell". She with her hideous apparition, Hel is thought to be a mouldering corpse on the right side of her face and body, yet a beautiful woman on the left. This dreadful goddess is the ruler of the world of the "dishonoured dead", or so in the beginning people thought, but about this, you better read the post just for her.
The guardian of roads and passageways between the worlds, the watchful Heimdall also has an association with this rune. Interestingly, in runic astrology, Hagalaz is said to represent Hallowe'en.

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"Hagall is the whitest of grain, it is whirled from the vault of heaven and tossed about by gusts of wind then melts into water."
"The Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem"

"Hagall is cold grain and driving sleet and the sickness a serpent brings."
"The Icelandic Rune Poem"

To the Anglo-Saxons, this rune was known as heagl. The Norse spoke of it as hagall. The pronunciation of this rune is the letter "H" The words hagalaz, hagall and heagl literally mean "hail" or "sleet", as hinted at the words of the Anglo-Saxon and Icelandic rune poems. The rune thus suggests cold winds and bad weather. Since the ancient Norse people were great travellers, especially by sea, such weather conditions were not only disruptive, but very dangerous. indeed, one of their poetic descriptions of the ocean was the "cold, grey widow-maker". Likewise, the appearance pf hagalaz foretells a blast of disruption sweeping through our lives. The rune is also associated with other potential misfortunes, such as the venom of a serpent. This rune is associated with the fury of nature and you will also be put to the test.


This is the rune of the unknown, of frightening and mysterious events. Sudden, disruptive things are about to occur and your life will be turned on its head of a while. You will have very little power to avert these happenings, which, like cold, arctic winds, will blow hard and confuse your senses with swirling sleet. This meaning cold be taken quite literally as a disruption to travel plans due to inclement weather conditions, but it is more likely that its interpretation goes beyond the merely literal. It is fortunate that the cold winds of icy reality that are set to blow will soon yield to the softer breezes of spring, so hope is implicit in the meaning of Hagalaz. All that you have to do is to sit out the storm and make sure that you wrap up warm. Hagalaz is also considered to be the rune of gamblers, especially those who risk a lot. Since it is the ninth in the Elder Futhark series, it has a correspondence with the number nine.

Body Part: Brain chemistry. The "weather" of the brain.
Associated Maladies:
Mental illness due to bad chemistry, possibly affecting physical responses as well. Tumors.
Chaotic, troubled.
Batter problem with radical and harsh solutions - it's the only chance.

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Hela The Goddess of the Underworld

Who is Hela?
Hel, or Hela, the Goddess of the Underworld, is the eldest child of Angrboda and Loki. She is also the Goddess of Death in the cosmology of the Nine Worlds, and the Keeper of the Underworld. She is one of the most powerful - some might say the most powerful - of all the Jotun deities.

She usually appears in her half-rotted or half-skeletal form, divided down the middle vertically. Her hair is usually pale and long on her living side, although sometimes it is black. Sometimes she has appeared living above the waist and rotting below it; sometimes as a pale white woman who merely smells of rot. (In fact, the rot smell is always present with her, and it is a good way to know that you are actually speaking with Hela. The general coldness of the atmostphere around her is another tip-off.) Part of her insistence on keeping these shapes rather than a "normal", unrotted form is to force the understanding of Death onto people. She does not hold with any kind of denial around Death; she requires that it be seen and respected as the natural process that it is, and not euphemized or buried or prettied up.

Hela is tall, generally clad only in a long, simple robe of black or grey, and does not stand on ceremony. She has been described by several people as having a low, quiet "whiskey-and-cigarettes" voice, and She moves slowly and sometimes with a limp on her skeletal foot. Her great stillness is one of the things that people notice about Her. When She sits, She may move her hands some to gesture, but very little else; psychically She is like a great pool of black stillness. Every move is made with graceful, ghostly slowness. It is said that She moves fast only when she is angry, and then you're in too much trouble to notice.

If She holds out a hand for you to take, it will be Her skeletal one. This is a test. Remember that She was born in the Iron Wood, where showing your acceptance of the physical deformities of others is part of how you show respect and friendship. Take Her rotting, skeletal hand (which, as some people have reported, feels exactly like a dead limb except that it moves) and kiss it. If you can't bear to do such a thing, you have no business dealing with her. It is said that she only offers her living hand to the Dead, so you should be grateful for small favors.

Hela's History :
Long ago, before the dismemberment of Ymir and the creation of Midgard and Asgard, the underworld was named Jormungrund. It was populated by the dead souls of Jotnar, and some live ones as well - Jotnar are particularly good at traveling to the Deathlands. As far as we can tell, it was looked after by a goddess named Hel, but she was not the Hel who lives there today. Both the name and the job title seem to be something that is passed on. Apparently someone needs to take on the important (and fairly powerful) job of looking after the Dead, and someone is chosen from one of the races when the last Hel retires.
Jotun legend has it that when the old Hel died, the Dead roamed the Nine Worlds for seven years, as there was no one to keep them in check. Every race hoped to have one of its members chosen for this crucial task, which would create an unlimited power-base for whoever was allied with Death, if Death could be persuaded to side with its native race. Mimir, the consort of the last Hel, did what he could to hold things together while everyone waited. Collective breaths were held across the Nine Worlds ... and then Angrboda, the Hagia of the Iron Wood, had a daughter by her consort, the infamous Loki. When the girl-etin was barely walking, it is said, she took on her shapeshifting form, and it was that of a rotting corpse. This was the signal that she was the inheritor of the name and the title, and she was immediately named Hel, or Hela in the Jotun-tongue (the Alfar call her Leikin), and raised to claim the rulership of the Land of the Dead.
Various rumors went around that Loki and Angrboda had done dark magic to make sure that their child would be the Death Goddess; other rumors said that they had merely foreseen that it would be so, and married in order to bring it about. Whether it came about by chance or planning, it was a great disappointment to the other races, who had hoped to pull the Deathlands out of the control of Jotun hands. Odin promptly put a "banishing-spell" on the tiny Hela, which basically banned her from ever entering Asgard, and indeed she has never set foot there.
When Hela came of age, she took over Jormundgrund and entirely recreated it, renaming it Helheim. Mimir handed the care of the place to her and left, going to Asgard to live with the Aesir who had promised him an honored place for his wisdom. Instead of caves and dankness, she opened it to the black sky and planted orchards, and grass grew over the stony burial mounds. She built the castle Elvidnir and swore that no matter how many the Dead, she would find a way to feed them all, if only sparingly. She redesigned Helheim in such a way as to bring maximum peacefulness to those who reside in it; instead of dank caves, it is a subtly ever-changing tapestry of hills and fields and colorful autumn woods.

Since then, she has dutifully tended to her Dead, about whom she feels fiercely protective. She looks down on necromancy and other forms of magic used to "bother the Dead", although she will allow seidhr-workers and others who respect her boundaries to enter a special area close to Hel's Gate, and speak with what Dead wish to come to them.

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Mythology around runes: Wunjo


The dutiful Frigga, the wife of Odin and queen of the Gods of Asgard, is the main deity associated with this rune. This goddess was the epitome of wifely virtues, who sat at her spinning wheel creating the clouds. In southern Germany, she was said to be shaking the fluff off her blankets if the sky was full of misty vapour. She is the patroness of all of the domestic arts and, like many a mortal lady, was a true romantic at heart, with a soft spot for lovers and happy endings. Frigga can be regarded as the model for the fairy godmother found in so many children's stories - the kindly lady who makes it work out alright in the end. This aspect of the goddess, and, indeed, her wish-granting husband, is found in the name of the Anglo-Saxon version of the rune, wynn. This word has survived in modern English as the verb "to win", while Wunjo is the origin of the verb "to woo". This connection with wooing makes Frigga the archetypal matronly matchmaker., eternally ensuring that "Cinderella" marries her "prince Charming" and that they live happily ever after.

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"He lives well who knows not suffering, sorrow nor anxiety, and has prosperity and happiness and a good enough house."
"The Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem"

To the Anglo-Saxons this rune was known as Wynn, in the common alphabet it is the letter W or V. This Rune symbolizes glory, joy and spiritual reward, perfection, harmony, domestic bliss, a happy household, good fortune and trusted friends, all denoted by Wunjo. Beauty, fair skin and fine hair are also tradicionally linked to this rune. It is said to be one of the four runes of love and suggests an attraction that will blossom into a lasting relationship. The rune is airy in nature, with associations with clouds, the wind, spinning wheels and flax.

Upright Meaning:

Absolute love, the arrival of good news,, an exellent turn of fortune and the establishment of a happy home. All in all, Wunjo represents a fulfilling life or, at the very least, a period when everything will go your way. Partnerships, of course, are of prime importance when this rune appears, not only relationships of emotional nature, but those connected with business, too. Firm friendships and mutually adventageous arrangements are under the auspices of this rune. But it is in the realm of love that Wunjo truly shines. If you are unattached, someone attractive is likely to be pale-skinned and fair-haired, but we must remember that these characteristics were the ancient Norse measures of beauty and that they did not live in a multicultural society. Artistic or other creative ventures will be successful, and you may receive news from a distance, probably from a man who has jorneyed over water. In health terms, the appearance of Wunjo shows that some tender loving care will pay off and that a recovery is likely.

Inverted Meaning:

Trust becomes an issue when wunjo is inverted. Prospective partners may not be all that they seem, so don't give your heart too readily. In business, too, beware of double-dealing and don't take anything at face value. If at all possible, delay making far-reacjing judgements as you will not have all of the facts that you need to make a valid decision. Tradition says that if you have an emotional worry, you should delay your decision-making for three months. If the troublesome factors in business, put off any action for three days. Things will slow down for a while and you may become despondent about your prospectss.

Body Part: Eyes, vision, pineal gland.
Associated Maladies:
Blindness and vision problems. SAD. Sleep cycle disturbances. Vitamin D deficiencies.
Shining brightly.
More sunlight, or more regular daylight hours, or light treatment

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Mythology around runes: Gebo


Both Odin and Thor are symbolically associated with Gebo. Its significance of knowing once's boundaries and swearing to abide by contracts link the rune with Thor, the thunder god whose job it was to preserve order in the universe. Odin, being the archetypal king, was expected to give generous gifts to his followers in order to reward them for their loyalty. He possessed a marvellous arm ring called Draupnir, which replicated itself into eight other, identical rings every ninth night.
These precious objects were then distributed as it pleased him. Gebo has thus gained an extra interpretation as a valuable ornament. In his song, Odin warns that "it is better not to ask then to overpledge, as a gift demands a gift". This verse speaks both of making hasty promises and of casting enchantments. In both cases, a price must be paid, so caution should be the watchword.

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"Gyfu brings credit and honour which support one's dignity, if furnishes help and subsistence to all broken men, devoid of aught else."
"The Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem"

This rune was Gyfu to the ancient Anglo-Saxons, it it the letter G, generosity and help for those who are in need are signified by Gebo. Gebo is also said to indicate love, perhaps in the more general sense of charity rather then the purely personal. Oxen make an appearance with Gebo because cattle were the measure of wealth amongst the early peoples of northern Europe. Another concept intimately connected with that of generosity is that of boundary markers. In other words, being overly generous can also be a bad thing. In addition, recognising one's own boundaries is as important as knowing how much to give. In another sense, the rune is connected with innate talents, or abilities that can be taken as gifts from the gods. This is the first rune of the series not to have an inverted meaning, so its message must be taken at face value.


The giving and receiving of gifts has been important in every society. As a gesture of mutual respect and a symbol of fondness, the custom is meant to bind people together. This may be why we still mark affectionate letters with an "X" to denote a kiss, while in previous ages, when most people were illiterate, documents were signed with an "X" to signify an acceptance of contract of afreement. Bringing the aspect of relationship to the fore, Gebo signifies both the donor and the recipient of a gift. All should be well as long as there are conditions and both parties know the limits of their agreement, even if nothing material is actually given. The payment for the gift may come in the form of simple gratitude, but if that is withheld, then resentment and quarrels will be the result. The same applies to the giver: a present should be given with an open heart, otherwise the giver will feel forced into an obligation and the recipient will feel worthless.
When Gebo appears, it is certain that you will feel honour-bound to help someone out very soon. However, it is important to judge exactly how much help you should give. After all, if you are too generous, then this needy person may become overly reliant upon you; if you are not generous enough, however, you could be considered a skinflint and your reputation could suffer.

Body Part: Heart - the great crossroads of the body, of the circulatory system.
Associated Maladies:
Heart disease.
Doing well.
Rest, relaxation, giving one's health more attention and nurturing.

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The Álfablót is a Norse tradicional celebration which is made at the times of the Winter nights, one of the 2 celebrations held in this time. The Álfablót or the Elven sacrifice was a pagan Scandinavian sacrifice to the elves, it is made around this time of autumn, it is in the end of it, at the "doors" of the coming winter, when all the crops were harvested and the animals well fed.
This is a diferent celebration, not like all the other blóts, this is a small celebration that can be made by one individual or one family, in tradicion this is a local celebration at the homesteads and they were administered by the lady of the household, the mainly subject in this celebration is not only to honor the ancestours, but also all kinds of other spirits, such as the elves and the landspirits, the Landvaettir, in this time strangers were not welcomed near the homesteads during the celebrations, also going back to the elves, they are a source of power and they are often connected to the ancestours, to the gods and to pray fertility, and for the next year when the winter will be gone, may the land give the people the means for prosperity, the humans have the tools, the landspirits have the power.

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Mythology around runes: Kaunaz


The rune Kaunaz is associated with trustworthy gatekeeper of the gods, Heimdall, a deity as mysterious and brooding as a pine forest. Heimdall is a son of Odin, and it was his job to prevent mortals and giants from crossing the rainbow bridge, Bifrost, as it was prophesied that they would do, thereby bringing about Ragnarok, or the "Twilight of the Gods". He was ever-watchful, and was thus identified with the vigilant owl. Heimdall is known as the "shining god", and was personified as a torch or beacon. He stood between Asgard and the World of Humankind and is credited withpassing on the knowledge of the runes to mortals. Bonfires and beacons lit on mountaintops in order to pass on news of great importance were likewise associated with Heimdall and his rune, Kaunaz.

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"Cen is known to all by its pale bright flame, it always burns where princes sit within.."
"The Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem"

Kaunaz or Ken is the rune of creativity, a light source, inspiration, hope and passion, Kaunaz is the flame of a torch cut from the branch of a pine tree. Its wan light keeps the darkness at bay and allows the sentinel to protect his charges from harm. The torch has other assossiations, too: it can symbolise learning, and especially the knowledge handed on from generation to generation, which is why the words Kaunaz and Ken are related to our words "kin" or "kindred".
The symbolism of the flame can additionally be applied to passion, without which further generations would not exist. On the other hand, the word Kaun also resembles the Norse word for "wasting" or "ulcer", possibly because, when maintaining a flame, the kindling that provides its fuel is eventually consumed.

Upright Meaning:

The most obvious meaning meaning of the rune is the gaining and passing on of knowledge. However, we should not forget its connection with passion, which can be felt in both a physical and a mental sense. One may be passionate about a subject or a person, for exemple, and when this rune appears in a reading, the two concepts are often strangely mixed together, just as the ancient Anglo-Saxon verb "kennen" meant both "to conceive" and "to bring forth from the mind". In more mundane terms, Kaunaz can mean the start of a consuming love affair and the spark of a meaningful relationship that may teach both parties a thing or two about life. This is one of the most positive runes, leading you on a path of new discovery. It is also an indicator of safety, because in some mystical sense you are being watched over as thoroughly as if Heimdalll or the vigilant owl were guarding you from danger. A sudden. powerful insight is also likely when Kaunaz is prominent, and you may feel touched by a clarity of vision that you have never known before.

Inverted Meaning:

A loss of love, friendship and old loyalties are foretold when Kaunaz appears in the inverted position.. You may feel yourself to be adrift, abandoned and with little idea of what to do next. However, Kaunaz is primarily associated with learning, so it is important to remember taht some lessons are hard ones. It may be taht it is time to let go of the past and to move on. All will be revealed in time, so don't panic. The lessons that you need to learn will become evident to you and you will soon find the right path, even if the guiding light of Kaunaz seems dimmed at the moment.

Body Part: Hypothalamus
Associated Maladies:
Infection, fever.
Overheated, fevered, burning.
Sweat to remove toxins.

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