Wight of the Nine Worlds


I welcome thee free spirit, which thou shalt come with an open heart, open mind and an open soul, for what you are about to read can only be understood by the wise who are eager to learn and to embrace the roots deep and forgotten in the hearts of the free people of Europe, by accepting who you are and where your roots lie, is half way into the great road of life. We will journey unto where our spirit takes us with the knowledge we gained. Learn and teach.

Sacred Space

There are many examples of sacred sites around the world that have special significante to particular societies: Stonehenge for the druids; Mount Olympus for the Greeks; the San Francisco Mountains for the native American Zuri tribe; the black hills of south Dakota for the plains tribes; and Uluru ( formerly known as Ayers Rock ) for the Australian tribes. These sites are usually powerful places associated with the ancestors, gods or spirits of a given culture. They are important to the collective psyche of the society. Sacred space approaches the concept on a more personal level.

Is there a place that you find especially conducive to meditation or relaxation? Perhaps a tree in a park or your garden, a certain rock outcrop or a wood where you often walk. Anywhere that you feel comfortable can be a sacred space, and that includes a place within yourself; sometimes it's not possible to travel physically to a special place to unwind just when you need to, so why not carry it with you?
The inner sacred space is a place that you create as a sanctuary, a retreat from the physical world, where you can relax and recoup your energy, so ir can resemble anything that makes you feel comfortable: a desert island, a hut on a mountain, a cave, anything. Maybe it's a place that you already know; somewhere you have visited in a dream or in this world. The more you visualize, the more real it will seem, so try to feel textures, see details, hear sounds and smell scents.
Your sacred space is a safe place and, because it is always there, you can visit it at any time. It can evolve as much as you want it to, because you created it and the control over it lies only with you. The only limitations are ones that you, as the maker, impose. So, be aware of what comes into being, for that can offer important insights into your subconcious. This private place is a good jumping-off point for beginning jounrneys.

Experiencing Nature

The natural world is a great place to find peace, tranquillity and inspiration, and to practise visualizing details to put inti your own sacred space. Get out as much as possible yo experience the benefits that a natural environment can bring. When out walking, be aware of your surroundings, admite the beauty of a tree or a bird in flight and always be grateful. Life is a precious gift to be appreciated now.
Nature can give us many things to help remind us of our connection - stones, feathers, sticks, intricate patterns and images - but if anything is taken, remember to leave something in return as an offering, an exchange of energy to signify your appreciation of the gift that has been given to you. Shamanism is about relating to the natural world and our place in it. Take time to stop, relax and meditate on the incredible complexity of the creation around you. Close your eyes and see how much sharper your other senses become. Extend that receptivity to feel the land, and blend with it. Feel what is around you: the vitality of the earth, the immensity of the world and the universe beyond. You are a part of it, be aware and accept the experience for what it is: humbling and precious.

Sound Therapy

Well friends, for those who have read the lable about the natural therapies and things you might do to help you out, your state of mind, or putting a depression to an end, you might consider this an other helpful way to achieve relaxation.

The sound therapy, as the name indicates, is all about the sounds you like the most, those sounds that give you a cosy feeling. Some people like the sound of rain and thunder, snow storms, or forests, birds singing, other like the sound of the city life, the cars and the movement of the people in the streets, or the far off sounds on the highway. So first of all, you have to find the sound or sounds that you like the most, the sounds that put you in a relaxation "mode" or gives you sleepiness, because it is all about the your psychological state. For instance, at the time of the year when the high summer comes, it is difficult to get some sleep, because it is too hot, so you might want to hear the sounds of winter, strong wind, snow storms, thunder and rain etc. if you try to sleep with these sounds on, you just have to imagine that you are in that place, and your mind transports you into a place, where you will no longer feel the heat of summer, and you will fall asleep with cold and you might want to get a blanket, or vs versa, at the winter time it is too cold, you can listen to the sound of a fire place and the wood burning and cracking, and in your mind, just imagine you are in that place, and it will be so out in your body, that in plane winter, you will not need to warm yourself with clothes or anything ( of course i'm talking to those that don't have a real fireplace at home ). These are just some exemples, of how your brain works, and the power of your mind, this is also a training, you can do these kind of everyday when going to sleep, and your body will be so used to this kind of psycological training, that when you are awake, you will not have any difficulty to endure anykind of weather, because your mind is so used to this, that you can travel in a daydream and relax. 

Nowadays this kind of psycological training is very useful, the world is changing and the weather is not what it used to be, in some countries, there is just summer, and winter is just a passing shadow of its former self, the summers will get hotter and the winters cold, or people that were used to have a cool summer, or a mild climate at spring, will find these changes, very hard to endure.

You can find the sounds you like all over the internet, or you can record them yourself, or find them in a game, or something, that isn't hard.

Be strong of mind, and train your capability to transport your mind into a place that you like, when you aren't feeling well in the place you currently are. 

FAQ - Are the Runes Reliable?

Are the Runes Reliable?

Well, i get this question some times, but i will try to include all the questions about the runes, that people sent me, because it is so often, i decided to include these questions in the FAQ lable.

When working with the runes, people must know that, this kind of divination, will not tell them exactly how the future will be, it will not tell them what they want to hear or want to know. The runes will help you, telling you what must be done, the best path to take according with your past history, the paths you have taken, your choices. The runes themselves along with the many methods to read them, will design your past life in a whole path that was taken, showing the present circumstances, and will help you, guide you, in which is the best path to take, what must be done by you and only you, it will give you the choices, and you must choose for yourself what will lead you to a better life.

When asking a specific question, keep it in mind, the runes will show you for certain, if not, it is because the answer is in the gods keeping and you are not supposed to know.

Some people have a great difficulty in reading the runes, that's because some people are more receptive to the runes, than others, but don't let that disappoint you or let you down, because they work well in the same way, it's just, those that aren't that receptive to the runes, will have the double of the work to actually understand them, or to understand the entire meaning of them. I'm saying this because by my own experience, i'm not actually a person receptive to the runes, i know how to work with them, i know how to read, i understand what the runes show me, but reading them is way more difficult to me, than for exemple.. my girlfriend Ana Teresa, she is way more receptive to them, than me, i can do exaclty the same thing, but the answers or the entire story of my life, will come slowly or in pieces, or some things will not be showned to me, and to her, the runes speak with "great eloquence", and the design of her life or the life to whom she is reading the runes, will just "pop out" perfectly.

Can i tattoo a rune?

Well, about tattooing runes, i strongly recommend you to read the entire "Runes" Lable and what each rune is good for, what are the effects on the body and what kind of illness it can help to cure or to heal. You can tattoo a rune, a specific rune that helps you in a specific problem in the part of the body which has that kind of problem.
I've got an other question - if that is possible to tattoo or to cary in a neckless or other kinds of ways, a specific rune, which is more turned to the male gender, but you are a woman, or vs versa. Well in this case, it doesn't matter if you are from the male gender or the female one, each rune has its purpose, of course, some are more turned to a gender than to the other, because some powers and some needs, are special to just one gender, for exemple the birth of a child, the rune that helps with that, is of course more turned to the female gender, or problems with the womb or the ovaries, well you got the point, but each rune doesn't have just those helpfull gifts or powers, it has others that share the needs of us all, so there is no problem to carry a rune that is turned to a gender that is not your own, because it will help you anyway, in other needs, in other cases or it can also help a friend or a family member from the opposite sex.

Any more questions about the runes, feel free to ask, i've just put here the answers to the, more often questions i get about the runes. If you need advise, i will be around, just ask.

Rune reading: The Runic V Method

The Runic V Method

As its name suggests, this pattern is made up of seven randomly chosen runes in the shape of the letter "v". The runes should be placed starting at the top of the left-hand arm of the v. Place three runes in a downward-tending diagonal, one at the bottom (this is called the keystone) and then three more rising diagonally from it, tending towards the right. This shape is considered significant because it represents the sacred enclosures used by the priests of the ancient Norse in Scandinavia. This arrangement can be used for general readings or in answer to a specific question.

Position 1: The general influences of the past.

Position 2: Present circumstances.

Position 3: General prospects and hopes for the future.

Position 4: The keystone. This is the most important rune in the reading. Take special note of it because it denotes the best possible course of action that you could take.

Position 5: The attitudes and emotional states of those around you.

Position 6: Potential problems that may delay or frustrate your plans.

Position 7: The outcome.

The Cult to Hecate - 13th of August

The Goddess Hecate, has been one of the most controversial deities within the framework of the pagan revival nowadays. With many variations over time, since Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, her cult is shrouded in mystery.

The most likely date for her festival will be around the first fortnight of the month of August, the first half of that month, most people tend to say, that this occurs at the 13th of August.

Hecate is the goddess of the night, of mystery, magic and the goddess of the doors between this world and the other, she is considered to be the patroness of those who practiced witchcraft,however in those times, there was no such thing as witches, or i might say, people playing around pretending to make spells. This is a goddess connected to the mediterranian peoples who practiced magic in natural ways, for people who were devoted to only a limited aspect of shamanism.

People used to make offerings to Hecate, in places were two paths would cross, an embodiment of the two routes, the two worlds, or to the two realities, with many torches, the festivities would begin.

Despite being a goddess of the night, the festivities in her honor, would begin at every morning in the days of the new moon. Many people think that goddesses like this one, are associated to the nights of full moon, but because these kind of goddesses are also the goddesses of mystery and such stuff, they are associated to the dark nights of the new moon.

Advices and Ethics in Shamanism

In today's society, we are all used to hear about the ten commandments of the religions of abrahamic based beliefs, when Moses came down the hill telling about them to everyone.

Well in cultures much older then these tales, in times when there was no religion, when people had the same spiritual path, the shamanism, things were diferent, and i might say, better. There wasn't such things as commandments, rules, forced obligations and fear that the believers have if they dont keep in line, because the ten commandments only tell of what each person can't do, but it doesn't talk about what we must do as individuals, nor what we can do for others and for the community, for the world, how we can make this world a better place, its always about saving the soul and gives that prespective, that nothing else matters, only ourselves, to save our neck and have eternal and beautiful life in an other place, that is a bit unfair and selfish dont you think? Because we share our lifes and this world with others, not just humans but also plants and animals. So what i will talk about, is the Advices and Ethics in Shamanism, in a time long before the religions appeared, in old times, even older than the pagan religions.

In shamanism in of every culture, expecially in the American Indians' culture and in the Northern peoples of Europe throughout Scandinavia till the cold lands of Siberia, there are somethings you may follow to become a better person, things you learn, advices you should take, for a better conduct in this world. It is belived, in shamanism, that humanity doesn't have the need to be forced to do something or belive in a oppressive entity, there is no need to mistreat people in order to instill goodness in each person. Also in shamanism, there is a relevance to the personal inner growth of each individual, that is a living being that has a unique personality and a mind of his own, with his own thoughts, also he must respect others and mother nature which is part of our existence.

The advices are:

Praying to the gods and spirits, they are always listening and always eager to help those in need and those with an open heart and mind, open enough to have the sensibility to become a better individual by learning and teaching the following Advices:

Being tolerant to those who have not figured out which way to go and what path to take, because ignorance, conceit, anger, greed, jealousy, are the typical evidence of those who are lost, so we must pray for them, so they may find their way soon. We must try to find out who we are, by ourselves, not by what others may think we are, no one can choose our path, its up to us to make our own road, other may walk beside us, but no one can walk for us. Treat your guests in your house, with honor, give them your best food and your best bed and respect them, also never take with you what it isn't yours to take, whatever taht may be, if it wasn't given to you, it isn't yours by right. Respect all things in this earth, people, animals, plants, respect the thoughts amd wishes of others, never interrupt or mock another when he is talking, you will have your time to talk, allow each person to have their right to express themselves, dont talk ill of others, bad thoughts gives sickness of mind, be optimistic.
Nature isn't something just for us or our pessonal needs, nature is a part of us, never forget that the children are the seeds of our future, and we must irrigate and nourish them with wisdom, puting love in their hearts. Always be truthful and honest in every situation, honesty is always a test to those who want to belive in our words, keep balanced, be strong and healthy, strong and healthy of mind, body and spirit, be true and faithful to yourselve, if you can't do that, you can't help others, respect other's religious believes, dont force your believes into others, if they want to learn, they will come to you.

As you can see, this was the advices in the ancient cultures of shamanism, long before a time when the oppressive religions came, with thoughts completely different, only turned to a selfish thought.

Surpassing the Winter

Surpassing the Winter

There is no King nor Queen
to rule over this land
the last remnants i have seen
have sunk under the sand

A time of great rulership
now forgotten in ancient lore
when honor in men went too deep
and by the sword they swore

The wooden halls were sacred
blessed by gods, elves and wights alike
wise man's words weren't wasted
wisdom was the law's strike

The wolves howl and the ravens croak
the waking of a new dawn
campfires and their black smoke
time to store wheat and corn

Winter approaches with freezing wind
the realm of lords of hunting
hares and deers were skinned
back in the farm, the pig's grunting

Hard works ended at October's eve
burning the soil, a blessing of fertility
the falling of the first leaf
the season's beginning of nature's hostility

Gathering wood to feed the flame
snow and ice covers the door
to gods, we call upon their names
in need, they won't ignore

Surviving to watch the sun rise
one's victory every waking day
as the winter fades and dies
we may rejoice at it's decay.

Arith Härger

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Reading the Runes - The Runic Cross Method

The Runic Cross Method

The runic cross uses six runes picked at random from your bag or pile. These are then laid out in the form of a single vertical made up of four runes, with a rune on either side of main axis. The first rune is laid on the left, the second from bottom. The third is on the right, the fourth is placed at the base of the central column. The fifth rune is second from top and, finally, the sixth is placed at the top of the cross.

Position 1 - The past.
Position 2 - The Present.
Position 3 - How you envisage the Future.
Position 4 - The background and reasons for the matter in hand.
Position 5 - Obstacles and possible problems.
Position 6 - The eventual outcome.

Freyr - God of Fertility, Love and Agriculture

Who is Freyr?

Freyr is the Norse/Germanic god of agriculture, land, fertility, marriage, and love, also known as Ing or Ingvi.

In the Norse/Germanic cosmology, Frey is a member of the second pantheon of Northern Gods, the Vanir Gods of Vanaheim, who are all concerned with agriculture and food-gathering of some sort. He is the son of Nerthus the Vanir Earth Mother, and Njord the god of sailors and fishermen. His twin sister is Freya, the goddess of fertility and love. His beloved wife is Gerda.

He is the keeper of every plant and animal who is killed that we might live. He is a god of frith - peace and order - as opposed to being a god of war and conflict. He is a Light-Bringer, a Joy-Bringer, a Frith-Bringer, a Gift-Giver, the Harvest King. He asks that we think about the food that we eat, how it was raised and treated, and whether it died in a clean manner. He asks that we think about how we treat those we love. 

What are his gifts?

His gifts are many. He gives fertility of body and fertility of land. He blesses the farmer and his crops and livestock. He bestows sexual desire and potency. He bestows love in all forms, regardless of what combination of people and genders may be involved.  He also blesses committed marriage - especially relationships that are frowned upon by the greater social order. He gives the light within that stands against the darkness of sorrow. As the God who gave up his sword for love, he helps foster peace in social affairs. He helps those who must sacrifice for others find joy and contentment in their giving. 

How can you honor frey? What actions must be taken?

Directly participate in raising the food that nourishes you and your family. If you don't have the means to garden, or keep a few chickens, then perhaps you could do some work for someone who does in exchange for some of the food.
Learn, and teach others, how to cook wholesome foods from ingredients you can afford.  
Bake bread, or brew beer, and share it with your family.
Make a commitment to consistently buy a basic food item, organic and sustainably raised. 
Buy heirloom seeds or trees or livestock for a local family farm or for yourself.

Note: The artwork to illustrate this post is a painting of Freyr made by me. If you need more information or if you want to check my works, take a look at my Facebook page and make a like at --> www.facebook.com/ArithHarger

Working with the Gods : Freyr

Because this month started with a celebration to Freyr, it seems that talking about him would be a good opportunity, because he is one of the most famous gods in the Nordic pantheon and many feel both love and respect and are inclined to worship him.

With the Help of my friend RavenKaldera i will now write here what you need to know to work with Freyr.

 Frey is fairly easy-going, but he likes to have food there, although he may not eat much of it. Make it homemade food, especially with bread, and ingredients as natural and organic as possible. If you can do it, locally grown or homegrown food is best. If you serve him meat, make sure that it is organic meat, preferably humanely raised and killed at a local farm. He isn't vegetarian by any means, but he seems offended by much of modern agribusiness, especially poorly farmed animals, but also poorly farmed plants as well, the proper care of one's crops is important to him. Don't give him food that has been chemically poisoned, if you can help it. Serve him beer, preferably homebrew or a local craft brew. Cherries are sacred to him, if you can get them in season, and any bread or grain dish will do as well. If you make homemade bread, mark it with an Ing-rune. 

If you make clothing for him, Frey prefers linen (it's a plant fiber) or cotton, in shades of yellow, gold, and green. He liked having a crown of wheat/barley, or leaves. No one should approach him bearing weapons, even a belt knife, so the steward should make sure that people who come up to him are unarmed. Frey will usually sit in one place, glowing and smiling, and will motion to people and call them over, or take them as they come. Frey will work with men or women, so long as the latter are masculine, willing to shapeshift to male astrally before he arrives.

There is one trick that Frey has been known to do to people who are in despair, and this is to gently blow on their forehead or chest, which he calls "blowing light into you". According to those who have been "blown" by Frey, this puts a little spark of light into you which can be called upon when all is dark and dismal around you, and which never fully goes out. If you concentrate on it, you can blow it up to a feeling of being a radiant light, no matter where you are. He will not do this for everyone; he's more likely to do it for people who are supposed to be light-bringers (as opposed to those who work with dark energies) and are temporarily depressed and unable to do their job.  

Note: The artwork to illustrate this post is a painting of Freyr i have made. If you need more information or if you want to check my works, take a look at my Facebook page and make a like at --> www.facebook.com/ArithHarger

Freyfaxi / Loaffest and Hláfmæst - 1st of August

Freyfaxi / Loaffest and Hláfmæst

Like the Celtic celebration of Lughnasadh, the Northern countries of Europe and their people celebrated a similer festivity called Freyfaxi or Loaffest, and for the Anglo-Saxons this would be called Hláfmæst. These harvests traditionally occurred at the end of July or at the beginning of August, or with the coming of the full moon of August.

This is a time for the First Harvest of the year, when the first seeds are thrown into the fertile soils in February, and in August the golden fields of wheat can be harvest, providing food for the entire family or tribe. The hard work of the year and all the efforts would pay off and the people could live and survive for another year and another winter.

The name Freyfaxi comes from Freyr's horse and it has an interesting backgound story, and like the name suggests, Freyr is the god of Fertility just like his Sister Freyja/Freya, but nt just the fertility when it comes to sexual interactions, but also the fertility of the soils, for Freyr is also the God of Agriculture.

At this time, in this festivity, people tend to make offerings to the God Freyr because of his connections with agricultur, since this is a time for harvesting, but in truth, people can make their offerings to whomever they want, making offerings to all of those who helped in times of need, because it is not just planting the seeds, but also the love we give to the soils, the hard work, so it can give us food, so this is also a time to celebrate with the family, to make offerings to the Landvættir, the spirits of the soils, to make offerings to the gods and to the living who helped us, also to our ancestors who watch over us and may take action in the fields of each family, taking care of them even after death.

The story behind the name:

This celebration is not just turned to the family and to the harvests, but also to the values and virtues of each one, that lead us to a better life. So there is a story behind this celebration, the story of Hrafnkel.

This story is about a man which was a clan-chief called Hrafnkell Freysgodi, he had a farm and lots of sheep, he also had a beautiful blue stallion that lived and roamed in the mountains near Hrafnkel's farm with a herd of mares. Like the last name of Hrafnkell suggests, "Freysgodi", he was a man of Freyr and he had a lot of faith in the god of agricultur and fertility, so he gave his stallion to the god, making and oath, that if any other man than Hrafnkell himself rode this horse, he would kill him, the horse could only be mounted by Hrafnkell and by Freyr. Oaths were not to be taken lightly at these times, if a man made an oath he would have to fulfill it. The horse was called Freyfaxi, Freyr after the name of his new owner, the god Freyr, and faxi meaning "eye-catching mane".

Hrafnkell hired the oldest son of his neighbor, his name was Einar, and his work would be to take Hrafnkell's sheep to pasture everyday, and deliver them every evening to their place in a mountain-cabin, he would also have to cut the fire wood that was needed in the farm. He was also tasked to look after Freyfaxi and the 12 mares, of course Hrafnkell told Einar about his oath, so Einar could use any of the other horses for whatever he needed, whenever he needed, expect mount Freyfaxi, and Einar thought that this  was a very fair deal.

Einar worked hard and well for the entire summer, but one day, some sheep were missing, and he couldn't find them anywhere, and sheep in those times were of great value, he searched for an entire week, so in despair, he went to the mares, hoping to ride one to go into more distant sites, but when he arrived, all the mares ran away, only Freyfaxi stood there, motionless as a stone, Einar thought, that his only way to find the sheep was getting into Freyfaxi's back and ride, Hrafnkell would never know about this, and so he did and he actually found the sheep, turning all of them to their rightful place, doing his job as always.

Freyfaxi galloped all the way down the mountain, till he was near Hrafnkell's farm, the horse was all wet from sweat, so it was leaking from every hair, he was very muddy and panting, from the privious ridding with Einar, so Hrafnkell knew that someone had mounted Freyfaxi and it wasn't Freyr, so Hrafnkell went in searching for Einar with and axe, and after a long conversation, he asked Einar if he had mounted Freyfaxi, Einar said he couldn't deny that, so he told him the truth, and why he had to do so. Hrafnkell said to Einar that he had done well in telling the truth, and he would have forgive Einar but he was bound by that dire oath, and when oaths are made, they have to be fulfilled, so Hrafnkell gave a fatal blow to Einar, killing the young man. Later Hrafnkell made a  respectable gravesite for Einar.
 Einar's father was of course not happy about this, and this is just the beginning of a long and tragic saga, Hrafnkell in this story is always bound to his oaths, and ends up with a tragic life, making a lot of enemies, he would have to fight all his life, because of his deeds, he couldn't break his promise to the god, even if this gave him so much pain and suffering.

This is a story that shows us the importance of oaths, and we mustn't take them lightly, we can't make oaths when our mind isn't clear, we only make oaths when we know we will fulfil them, or otherwise, if we break them, it will be hard for others to trust us again and we will lose our honor. This shows that in these times, the word of a person was worth a thousand contracts, but it seems today, people lack from a lot of values and virtues, and most lost their way, we can't trust anyone unfortunately. So this festivity is also to remember that your actions will always have consequences upon others and we must maintain our honor.

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Lughnasadh / Lammas - 1st of August


Lughnasadh is the gaelic/irish term which means, the commemoration or festival to the god Lugh, but also a festival of the August month. In Scotland, the term for this festivity, is also called Lammas.

This is the time for the first harvest, a season which was celebrated all around the world by this time in the Northern Hemisphere.

Like candlemas, this is also a festivity of the sun and of the light, to celebrate the warm weather that helps in the agricultural works, and because the light of the sun gives happiness and joy after the cold days of winter time.

At the first days of February, the first seeds are thrown into the fertile soils, and in August when the first harvest comes, the wheat reflects the bright golden colors of the sun. So Lughnasadh as the name indicates, was also a festival to the god Lugh, the god of Light and of fire in the Celtic pantheon. In ancient Lusitania and to the other Celtic tribes in the Iberian Peninsula, this god was known as Lugus, the god of music, metallurgy, poetry, dance, etc.

The next harvest comes at the end of October with the festivity of Samhain.

For the ancient pagan tribes of the European people, harvesting was the main source of food production, so it was important to succeed when it comes to planting and harvesting, in the end, the effort and hard work would bear its "fruit", and the family and tribe could live and survive for another year, another winter, with health, joy, and above all else, knowing that their hard work helped so many, all the efforts paied off. So this is also a time to celebrate with the family and the importance each member has in keeping all safe and sound.

For my next post, that will go to the Northern pagan traditions lable, i will talk about the same festiviry, but in the northern countries of  Europe, Freyfaxi and the story behind it.