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I welcome thee free spirit, which thou shalt come with an open heart, open mind and an open soul, for what you are about to read can only be understood by the wise who are eager to learn and to embrace the roots deep and forgotten in the hearts of the free people of Europe, by accepting who you are and where your roots lie, is half way into the great road of life. We will journey unto where our spirit takes us with the knowledge we gained. Learn and teach.

Freyr - God of Fertility, Love and Agriculture

Who is Freyr?

Freyr is the Norse/Germanic god of agriculture, land, fertility, marriage, and love, also known as Ing or Ingvi.

In the Norse/Germanic cosmology, Frey is a member of the second pantheon of Northern Gods, the Vanir Gods of Vanaheim, who are all concerned with agriculture and food-gathering of some sort. He is the son of Nerthus the Vanir Earth Mother, and Njord the god of sailors and fishermen. His twin sister is Freya, the goddess of fertility and love. His beloved wife is Gerda.

He is the keeper of every plant and animal who is killed that we might live. He is a god of frith - peace and order - as opposed to being a god of war and conflict. He is a Light-Bringer, a Joy-Bringer, a Frith-Bringer, a Gift-Giver, the Harvest King. He asks that we think about the food that we eat, how it was raised and treated, and whether it died in a clean manner. He asks that we think about how we treat those we love. 

What are his gifts?

His gifts are many. He gives fertility of body and fertility of land. He blesses the farmer and his crops and livestock. He bestows sexual desire and potency. He bestows love in all forms, regardless of what combination of people and genders may be involved.  He also blesses committed marriage - especially relationships that are frowned upon by the greater social order. He gives the light within that stands against the darkness of sorrow. As the God who gave up his sword for love, he helps foster peace in social affairs. He helps those who must sacrifice for others find joy and contentment in their giving. 

How can you honor frey? What actions must be taken?

Directly participate in raising the food that nourishes you and your family. If you don't have the means to garden, or keep a few chickens, then perhaps you could do some work for someone who does in exchange for some of the food.
Learn, and teach others, how to cook wholesome foods from ingredients you can afford.  
Bake bread, or brew beer, and share it with your family.
Make a commitment to consistently buy a basic food item, organic and sustainably raised. 
Buy heirloom seeds or trees or livestock for a local family farm or for yourself.

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