Wight of the Nine Worlds


I welcome thee free spirit, which thou shalt come with an open heart, open mind and an open soul, for what you are about to read can only be understood by the wise who are eager to learn and to embrace the roots deep and forgotten in the hearts of the free people of Europe, by accepting who you are and where your roots lie, is half way into the great road of life. We will journey unto where our spirit takes us with the knowledge we gained. Learn and teach.

The elemental Air

Note: The artwork is a painting i've made long ago, you can watch all my works at my Portfolio or in this [Link]

Air is seen as an unirversal power, a pure substance, it is fundamental for life.
People often belive in what they can see or touch, but just like the air element, it is there, you can feel it, and you know it exists, you breathe it, my point is, things are there, just because you dont see them, it doesnt mean they dont exist.
But now back to the subject, air is everywhere, all living things breathe it, especially plants and trees, that filter the air and give us oxygen, it flows in our lungs, making the blood pulse to the heart, and it beats, it goes to our brain, making it work, so we can feel, move, think, live, even the fishes breath oxygen, not like the marine mammals
such as whales but, the fishes have evolved in such a way as to not require frequent trips to the surface to breathe air. Fish have developed gills, on which they rely for the oxygen necessary for a fish's limited metabolism. Many animals have gills at some stage of their life (even humans have them at an early stage of their development in the womb), but fish retained these gills and they are still a functional part of their anatomy. Fish use their gills to extract oxygen from their watery environment. So air is a source of life, and just like the other elements i've written about, all combined, make the perfect natural harmony.
Have you ever Seen the wind in the grass?, it seems as invisible serpents are walking in there, feels like magic.
The air element as a therapy has unlimited ways, you can go outside and feel the cold winter wind in your face, open your arms and breath it, or even in a forest, like most of us do nowadays, breathing deep that natural air without pollution, you will feel much better, feel the soft breeze at spring time, it isnt cold nor hot, watch how the leaves in the trees dance with the wind, the sound it makes, air also brings the snow and the rain, the strong wind in the mountains comes down and entangles in your hair, and goes round all around you, embrace it, welcome it, it is speaking to you, the air is also compared with the spirit or spirits, if you listen close enough, you can hear it speaking to you, find for your self diferent ways to work with the elemental air, and to achieve relaxation with it.
Always remember to respect the elements, respect nature and its wonderful works, by respecting it, you will also respect yourself and life.

The Blindness of Humankind

Note: The Drawing was made by me, you can watch my works at my Deviantart :hexentanz:

What i am about to write it is the truth about the blindness and ignorance of our humankind and the christian church and its lies, and their true aim, their true purpose in spreading their religion. I am certain that my words will shock some, but also will open the mind and hearts of others.

To begin i would like to tell you all, how it is important to embrace some of the pagan virtues and values ( i am not telling you to change your religions ) to a better understanding about the world that surrounds us and to respect Nature, most of the people in the world, because of the growing of societies and other aspects that i am about to write in this Post, their minds have turned to a complete ignorance in terms of everything out of their little worlds in the city, their tiny minds and the weak taste for life. People usualy think that they can control the nature and they are good at it, with all their tecnologies, their arrogance blinds them and they often dream with the increasing control of humankind over the forces of nature. The biggest problem of humans is this, to forget that its us who are subject to nature's laws and powers, we are so addicted to our city life and routine, that we dont want to belive that the world it self is alive.
Another problem that we have to face, are the effects of the propaganda, highly effective, that the Roman Church launched against the pagan religions, sinse it has began till nowadays. All the religions and churches based on christian beliefs, have attempted to "clean" and to let it be forgotten all the other religions and beliefs prior to them, considering "paganism to be ignorant" and whole its reality of the peoples whose territories were invaded by them. In terms of invasion i mean all about that word, not just the invasion of their territories but also their freedom and their way of living.
The objective of the church was always to "build" an ideology that would unify all the people of the roman Empire ( when the roman Empire was at its ending and decay ), all those who have been conquered and submited to others laws, their concerns were in political terms and not religious ones, something that so far has been something characteristic of the church. When the roman empire has fallen, the church tried to replenish it through the ideological achievement and not the military one. When the church tried to do so, they have conveniently forgotten almost all the real teachings of christ. They preferred the rigid authoritarianism, they were and still are nothing but a voracious political frame in fast expansion, working on a light cover of religious concerns. Their concerns in the conversion of the pagan people seems to be only to increase their income and not for the "salvation of souls".
The free people of the world dont need "salvation", all we need is the freedom to face our destiny with courage and honor. We are connected to all our ancestors. They are a part of us. We in turn will be a part of our descendants. We are also linked to all our living kin - to our families and to every man and woman rooted in the tribes of europe. They are our "greater family". We are connected to nature and subject to its laws. The holy powers ofen express themselves in nature's beauty and might.
NOTE: Since i have received many comments telling "Not all christians are like that! There is only one true God! You are wrong! " i suggest you should open your hearts and minds and read it all again, it is not my aim for you to forget your belifs, or to be pagans or become pagans, just to understand and accept some of its values and virtues, i am NOT talking about the followers of the christian belifs, i am NOT speaking of a specific God nor jesus, i am talking about the church, this organized group whose only concerns are not religious ones. They "use" others fears, faith and belifs for their own profit, you can have all the religions you please, all the belifs, you are all free to do so, but open your eyes, hearts and soul, this group are not Gods, nor Saviours, they are just mortals, they dont speak for any deity, they speak for them selfs, this is not religion, it is politics.
My real concerns here ( and it should be yours to ) are the way this world is turning to, the denial of the living nature in the world, the ignorance that surronds us daily, the lack of respect about the world and it's living nature and lack of respect to our selfs, to forget that we are a part of nature, not it subcjeted to us. It is not my aim to change your belifs, spirituality or faith, it is my aim to open your eyes, hearts and soul, to a better understanding of the world all around you.

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Shamanism of Today

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Shamanism is not a religion, nor a choice you make of your own mind, Shamanism is a spiritual way, an achieve, an "event", being in touch with nature, the spirits, the Gods and the world it self, a jorney to help your self and all the others around you. It is not something you wish to be in a time, and then forget, like so many have a religion and then they change religions like they change a shirt. Shamanism has been with all of us, sinse the dawn of time, sinse the first humans appeared, and it is a spiritual path way that has survive till today, it wasn't curropted but each people in each place of the world and in their own ways, have a conection with shamanism, it has runed throughout our DNA always, from father to son and so on, deep in the corners of our very brain. Nowadays we do not use entirely our brain, sinse the times of industrialization, our brains are lazy, and the more we live under the shadows of tecnologies, sellphones, cars, and factories, all contributing for the mass polution of the world and for ourselves, and this we pass to our decendents. Also with the dak ages and the coming of chistianity, we closed our mind in subjects that dont let our minds flow in freedom.
For a Shaman, there are many ways to enter in trance, to work out of the body, with is very spirit, many may be familiar with the ways of the natives of America, or the Maya, and the Siberian and mongol in their Yurts, but all around the world, people had shamans and practice shamanism.
Today i see an "hunger" for spirituality, people searching eveything, wanting to belive in something, it is not hard to find, but it is not easy to chose correctly, we are free to belive in whatever we want, but if we do not study and learn deep what we want to belive in or follow, that will be just an
useless occupation, to go into the right path, first you have to study, learn and accept your own roots, where you come from, by accepting that, is half way made.
In terms of Shamanism, those who are not shamans, may learn what it is about, the true essence, by asking to the right people and learn the right books, which that you have to figure it out by your own account.
Today is hard to know a true shaman, or perhaps too easy to
distinguish if i tell you how, because today, there are many books of it, books from people who are not shamans but have study hard, books from shamans, and books about shamanism in general, and of course books about the subject written by people who dont understand nothing about it, and turn it in a more magical of fantastical way, everything is sold, and anywhere in the internet you may find lots of texts about this subject, not all of them are true, the real shaman doesn't work in group or i might say, in a group of people who are not shamans and they just want to watch, the real shaman did not chose to become one, often they are in a lonely path, no one knows in what they are working with, unless it is tould to the person who askes for help and help is given, also a true shaman, never says he is a shaman, he/she does not brag about it, they do not expose them selves, but they are eager to teach what they know and to guide those in need.

Water Element

Note: The Photo was taken By Missloony all rights reserved. By clicking on her name, you can watch her Deviantart or at her blog in HealingByLiving

The water Element, it runs through the very veins of the earth, deep into the oceans and rivers, it is a self sustaining resource in that it can create itself through a cycle. It is created by oxygen which is the most common element of the earth's crust and hydrogen is the most common element of the universe, so it is almost inevitable that the two molecules would find each other and form bonds, and now that water is creaded, in the lakes and oceans is evaporated by the heat of the sun and forms a vapour that joins together to form clouds. When the temperature is warm enough, the vapour condenses into drops which is what rain is made out of. The rain falls onto the earth, into the land as well as back into oceans, lakes and rivers. From the water bodies it evaporates and the cycle starts all over again.
This element, is an emotional element, it provokes emotions on the human mind, that in turn is reflected on the body. We always think about water, as a wet and cold element, but it can prove very useful in terms of relaxation. Many dont like the rain or the sound of it, it gives them a dreadful chill in their soul, and
depression. For those who love the rain and the sounds it makes falling on the earth, trees and their leaves, know better how it calms, especially if you are indoors. Others may find alternative ways of relaxation with water, try taking a shower or a long bath with hot water, and when your body is warm enough, wash your entire body with cold water, the shock is a realy good and natural therapy for your heart and it helps the blood run in your veins, or you can do the same but washing progressively with water less hot then the first one, and so on till it reaches the cold, you will feel nothing because your body is too warmed up, when it starts to cool down, the sensation is outstanding. Also if you know and like to swim, you can dive deep in a pool, "sliding" in the bottom and come back up, exercise your body and your lungs, it helps you in breathing problems and, exercising your body, it will help you in locomotion problems and ofcourse in spine problems, Swiming is the greatest sport you can make, it is good for your health in every way, and you feel the freedom of your movements, outside the water you will feel lighter.


Note: The drawing was made by me, you can see all of my works by clicking on the Portfolio bellow.

This Tale can not be found in any lore, those who wrote the ancient storys of the Gods and their doings, did not work with the Jotnar. This specific story was told to a friend of mine who works with the Jotnar and he told me the story, so i do not have any credit over this, excepct on the art work. The tale was told to me by Raven Kaldera, here it is a link to his website [Link] Enjoy.

The Birth of Loki - Laufey's Son

In the beginning, there were the frost giants of Niflheim and the fire giants of Muspellheim, and when the great flood came, many were washed away. Some found safety on a piece of Ymir's body that congealed into a new world, and they named it Jotunheim - the new home of the giants. Some say that it was formed of Ymir's spine and shoulders, for it formed itself into a land of great and imposing mountains, trees that nearly reached the sky, huge and fierce animals that roamed the dark forests, and lightning storms that split the sky.

The surviving Jotnar found it welcoming, and they married each other and produced many new Jotnar - the mountain-etins, the woods-etins, the sea-etins. Some settled high in the cold northern mountains, or the western mountains by the ocean, or the islands, or the eastern rain forests, or the southern woodlands. And in one place in the south of Jotunheim, they settled in a strange forest. Its trees were shorter and harder than anywhere else in the world, and they bore strange fruit. Magic leaked from the very earth; the place reeked of it, and tainted everything that was born there. The etin-folk named it the Iron Wood, and the recognized it as the sacred heart of Jotunheim, the wellspring of its magic. Werewolves and werecreatures were born there, and beings strange and twisted, but their deformities were considered a sacred thing. For a twisted troll to say that he had the blood of the Iron Wood was to replace scorn with reverence in the eyes of the onlookers. Magic ran strong in the blood of the Iron Wood folk; seers and galdr-folk came forth from that place, to marry and spread their bloodlines through all the etin-folk.

The folk of the Iron Wood divided themselves into nine clans, and each elected a chieftain. There was much fighting as to who would be Chief of Chiefs, however, and many were slain in the battles, and the blood soaked into the earth. Finally the fighting came down to two clan chiefs, both of whom swore that they would defeat the other and win the leadership of the Nine Clans.

One was Farbauti, whose name means Cruel-Striker, and whose clan was Lightning. He was tall and strong and broad as the side of a mountain, and belched fire from his mouth. Fire-giant blood ran strong in his veins. The other was the young chieftess of the Wolf clan, a powerful witch with the lineage of the Volva in her. She was tall and strong and had hair the color of dried blood, and she could see into the future and prophesy. And she saw that she would be Chief of Chiefs, and set out to make that prophesy come true.

And it came to pass that Farbauti went from the Iron Wood and came to the western mountains, and thence to the ocean, and he wandered in a boat among the many islands off the coast of Jotunheim, some so close to the world's border that one could almost see Vanaheim in the distance. And it was there that he met a beautiful giantess named Laufey, the Lady of the Leafy Isle. She had earth-goddess blood in her, old and ancient as Jord, and she shone like silver in the moonlight, and Farbauti could think of nothing but her from the moment that he saw her.

It is said in the lore that he struck her with a lightning-bolt, and thus was their son born. The truth of the matter is that love and desire for him did indeed strike her like lightning, and the fruit of that love and desire was that she swelled with child. Yet she had not gone but three months before her womb began to burn, as if a brand flamed there, and it caused her great pain. Farbauti feared for her, and wished her to return with him, for there were healers in the Iron Wood who understood the nature of its bloodlines. She agreed to travel with him back to the Iron Wood, although she sorely missed her leafy isle, but she understood that their son must claim his right to the chieftainship, should it come to Farbauti's death. Her husband built for her a cottage out of stone, and guarded it, for he feared that the wolf-chieftess might strike at her.

He was right in this thinking, for the wolf-chieftess heard of Laufey and her swelling belly, and the Sight came on her, and she saw as in a hazy dream that this son of Farbauti's might someday master her. So she called upon her brothers and sisters, and in wolf's hame they set upon the cottage, where Laufey lay within moaning in pain, for her time was almost upon her.

Great was the duel between Farbauti and the wolf-chieftess, and many scars they left upon each other, but in the confusion Laufey slipped from the house and fled as fast as an etin-woman laboring could run. She fled the Iron Wood, but the wolf-giants came after her, sniffing out her trail. She fled from Jotunheim itself, and crossed the world-border into Midgard, yet still they followed her, and the howling froze the blood of the Midgard humans who heard the chase. She fled into the Myrkwood, so fast that the fierce tribes who lived there could not catch her, but the wolves followed. And so it was that she came to where the trees of the Myrkwood were charred and blackened, and saw the burning waste of Muspellheim beyond. And she knew somehow that the burning in her womb had brought her here, to the burning land.

As she stepped foot into Muspellheim, Surt the Black came forth with his men-at-arms, and challenged her. "What seek you here, island woman?" he growled.

"I seek sanctuary, in the name of the father of my child, Farbauti, who is descended from your sons," she gasped out. "For his enemy is hot on my heels, and this child pleads to be born."

"What will you give me, island woman," Surt asked, "if I shelter you from all harm until there is no more harm to come? What will you give for your protection?"

Laufey held out her hands, and showed that she had nothing on her save her shift. "I come empty-handed into your kingdom, my Lord Surt," she said, "and I have nothing to offer. What would you have of me?"

"Empty-handed, perhaps, but full-bellied," Surt said. "Give me the treasure that you carry. Let me be godfather and second father to your child, and I will give you both sanctuary, for as long as you wish."

Laufey hesitated, for she did not wish to betray Farbauti, but the wolves were howling in the distance and her womb burned so that she could no longer stand or walk, and she finally gave in and agreed. Surt bore her to his castle, and the wolves were stymied, and howled many days along the border of Muspellheim, but they did not dare enter, for Surt was too powerful in his own kingdom, and the very land would rise up against them and burn them to death, and so Laufey and her son were saved.

Surt's palace is hewn from black glassy rock, and his hall has many fireplaces around it, big enough to cook an ox and still have room to turn the spit. And it was in the largest of these that Laufey lay down in the coals, and she lifted her skirts and spread her legs, and a burning brand came forth from her body. Surt took tongs of iron and drew the brand forth from her, and as he did so it became an infant boy with hair the color of flame. And so was Laufey's son born.

Laufey sent to her husband, telling him that he had a son, and pleading to return. But Farbauti was still at war, and felt that it was too dangerous for his wife and child, and he bade her bide with Surt until it was safe. But the years passed, and it was still not safe enough in Farbauti's mind, and all Laufey's pleading had no effect on his fear. Laufey burned first with desire for her absent husband, then with resentment, then with anger. Meanwhile, Surt the Black raised her son like his own, and showed him the mysteries of fire, and the fire-blood in his veins.

When Laufey's son was thirteen years of age, and was going from child to youth, Farbauti sent to Laufey and told her that it was over, and the wolf-chieftess had won. He had agreed to a truce, for she was more powerful than he, and she had been elected the Hagia, the Wise Woman and Chief of Chiefs of the Nine Clans. In return for giving her the title, he bade her promise not to harm his wife and son. So Laufey made ready to go, but before they left a seer of Muspellheim came forth at Surt's bidding and prophesied for Laufey's son.

The seer looked deep into the red-haired youth's sharp green eyes, and she gasped, and said, "You shall have no home, wanderer, save the road itself, and that road will be hard for you, and yet all places on the road shall be your home. You shall have freedom greater than any other, yet be bound by your own choosing. You shall be dearly loved and terribly hated, and little understood. Your name shall be more well known outside the Nine Worlds than any other name in the Nine Worlds save two, and one shall be your blood brother and the other spring forth from your loins." And with this prophecy, they left for the Iron Wood and came to Farbauti at last.

Farbauti made ready to welcome Laufey back, but she spoke forth in anger, and said, "You would not let me share your danger, but only your safety, and I say that this is not love. For I would have died by your side, yet you ordered me apart. So I will not live here with you, but will go up into the mountains that look down upon your forest, and there I will build a home and live. You may visit me when you will, but I will not live with you." And Farbauti wept for the first time, but there was no moving Laufey, for her feet were planted like the earth.

So Farbauti turned to his son, and said, "Will you go with your mother, then, or will you stay here with me, your father?"

Laufey's son was silent a long while, which was surprising to those who knew his quick tongue, but finally he said, "You are the father of my blood, but you were not there when I needed you as a child. Surt the Black cared for me then, and which is more important: the father who gave me his blood, or the father who gave me his time? I cannot choose, and so I will not. I will live with you, Chief of the Lightning Tribe, until I am a man, but I will be known henceforth only as Laufey's Son." And Farbauti accepted this, although with heavy heart.

Laufey spoke forth, and asked, "Will you bring our son to the council of the Clans, and see him welcomed into the Nine?" But Farbauti would not go forth where the wolf-chieftess held court, and he would not see his son welcomed with her hands, which was not all pride, for he still feared that she would break her word and kill his son. Laufey laughed and said, "Seers have spoken for our son, and they did not see him dying before his time, so I will take courage and go before the wolf-chieftess and demand our son's heritage." And a council was called, and she brought her son before them, and Farbauti watched from the trees lest there be foul play.

When the wolf-chieftess heard, she was sore in her heart, for she remembered the dream wherein it was whispered that Farbauti's son might one day master her, and she did indeed contemplate killing him in spite of her word. And with this in mind, she hid a knife in her skirts, even though the deed seemed evil to her. Yet when Laufey and her son came to the clearing where the Council stood, and she faced the youth across the fire, with his flame-red hair and his sharp green eyes and his three-cornered smile, the vision came on her again, and she saw it more clearly this time.

And she saw that someday, not far off, when Laufey's son came to manhood, he would come to her and would indeed master her, but that mastery would be Love. He would become her consort, and he would be the father of all of her children, and she would love and desire him above all others, and sometimes hate him as well. And she saw also that he would be her greatest joy and her greatest sorrow, and that he would be the eventual cause of her death, and her rebirth. And she saw also what the seer of Muspellheim saw, that he would wander forever, and be loved and hated, and come to both fame and infamy. And she would have wept, but she was too proud; and she would have screamed at the trick that the Norns had played her, but she saw the wyrd that must be, and that it was her orlog to take part in this path. The knife fell from her stiff fingers, to bury itself unseen in the earth.

So Angrboda did the only thing that she could do. She stepped forward, in all her regalia of the Hagia of the Iron Wood, and she welcomed him into the tribe, saying, "Laufey's son, child of the lineage of Farbauti, you are welcome into the Nine Clans of the Iron Wood, the sacred heart of Jotunheim. We are your family, and we will guard you, and succor you, as long as you live among us. May none who hear me ever say otherwise!" And she threw back her head and howled, and there was sorrow in the howling, and all wondered to see it, but they all joined in as well, and with one great howl Loki was swept onto the path that would be his life.

Of Fire and Mischief

NOTE: The Picture was taken by MissLoony, All Rights Reserverd.

I will talk about the Natural Elements and today the subject is the elemental fire and the importance it has even as a therapy.
The Fire is the source of all creation, it all began with it, i see fire as a living creature, that breathes to live and eats or consumes all arround, so it can grow, it moves, it pulses with life. Fire can be a cosy friend but also a terribel enemy, above all else, when working with it, we must have the utmost care and respect it.
The fire as a therapy is like magic upon our minds, try to sit or lay near a bonfire or a fireplace, in a chair or bed, close your eyes
and listen the crackling of the fire, imagine yourself in a distante place, beautiful, dreamlike, near a river or in the mountains, the wind is cold, you feel inside your heart, the bliss , you feel warmer, or you can even think about a place inside a wooden house, snow outside with the sound of the wind blowing hard and the yelp of the wolves. You will fall asleep and have a great rest upon your pillow. Of course you can imagine thousands of situations at the sound of the crackling fire.
Just like the God Loki, he has an outstanding power and skills over fire, and he gained all this knowledge with the Giant Surt the black of Muspellheim, surffice to say, he is the lord of fire. But that is another story for an other post. And speaking of Loki, i avail what i have said, to speak about it, many people see him as the devil of the christian myths, i can tell you, that is a mistake often taken, in the Norse Mythology there are no evil gods, each one has his purpose, his own skills, powers and doings, Loki is the God of Mischief, fire, magic, shapeshifting and cunning, and all of us in our daily lifes, when working with other persons, we have to be cunning, eyes opened, or the society will "eat us alive", also we have to shapeshift, not like loki, but in a metaphorical way, play a bit, not with evil purposes, or to gain things we want and pass over others, but in a way so we can help others and ourselves, it is easy to make evil, and hard to do good, that is the true lesson and the real task.

The importance of Ancestry

Hello to all, so this is my first Blog and my first Post , and what a great way to start, by talking about the ancestors and the importance they have in our lifes. The Ancestors are the folk who lived long before us, where our roots lie, where we come from and where are we going, we must honor our ancestors because, so will us become ancestors of our decendants in time, we are linked to all our living kin, to our families. In the Norse pagan view, we are a part of a great "tapestry", which connectes us to the Gods and to our ancestors, our personal fates are influenced by the ancestors that came before us, of course i am not saying that we are fated to a certain destiny our a certain path, but rather that we have some inclinations to some things, doings and wishes. For instance, the three Norne, goddesses of fate, they sew up a great tapestry or the wyrd that connects us all to the natural world and to each and everyone of us, but they never end their work, which means that we are free to shape our lifes and find for our selfs our destinys.
There are specific days of the year to honor our ancestors, but of course we can do so everyday, by remembering them, giving the purest of love from our hearts, choosing the right paths and the right ways to do things. The
answer is always there in our hearts and mind, meditate over choices you must take, it's a good start. Be wise, never do the first thing that comes into your mind, be rational, ponder things, the wise leader always knows which battle not to fight.
Back to the subject, we honor our ancestors for exemple, at the Day of the Einherjar, or in the celtic beliefs, the celebration of Samhain.
Here it is a good story to show the importance of the ancestors, about a king that today we still remember in celebration to our ancestors and the heros who have long gone.
King Radbod (680-719 CE ) King of the Frisians:
Christian missionaries came close to baptizing Radbod, but before carrying through with the ceremony and conversion he asked a question, "Where are my dead ancestors at present?" Wolfram the Christian missionary answered, "In Hell, with all other unbelievers." Upon hearing this, Radbod changed his mind about converting and replied, "Then I would rather live there with my honourable ancestors than go to heaven with a parcel of beggars ." Beggars here refers to the long-time enemies of the Frisians: the Franks who were by this point in time primarily Christian. Radbod expelled the missionaries from the kingdom for no other reason than how important his ancestors were to him.

Note: The Art work was made by me, a gift to my Grandfather at his 80th birthday. You can watch all of my works by clicking the Portfolio bellow to my Deviantart where other works of mine are.