Wight of the Nine Worlds


I welcome thee free spirit, which thou shalt come with an open heart, open mind and an open soul, for what you are about to read can only be understood by the wise who are eager to learn and to embrace the roots deep and forgotten in the hearts of the free people of Europe, by accepting who you are and where your roots lie, is half way into the great road of life. We will journey unto where our spirit takes us with the knowledge we gained. Learn and teach.

The Blindness of Humankind

Note: The Drawing was made by me, you can watch my works at my Deviantart :hexentanz:

What i am about to write it is the truth about the blindness and ignorance of our humankind and the christian church and its lies, and their true aim, their true purpose in spreading their religion. I am certain that my words will shock some, but also will open the mind and hearts of others.

To begin i would like to tell you all, how it is important to embrace some of the pagan virtues and values ( i am not telling you to change your religions ) to a better understanding about the world that surrounds us and to respect Nature, most of the people in the world, because of the growing of societies and other aspects that i am about to write in this Post, their minds have turned to a complete ignorance in terms of everything out of their little worlds in the city, their tiny minds and the weak taste for life. People usualy think that they can control the nature and they are good at it, with all their tecnologies, their arrogance blinds them and they often dream with the increasing control of humankind over the forces of nature. The biggest problem of humans is this, to forget that its us who are subject to nature's laws and powers, we are so addicted to our city life and routine, that we dont want to belive that the world it self is alive.
Another problem that we have to face, are the effects of the propaganda, highly effective, that the Roman Church launched against the pagan religions, sinse it has began till nowadays. All the religions and churches based on christian beliefs, have attempted to "clean" and to let it be forgotten all the other religions and beliefs prior to them, considering "paganism to be ignorant" and whole its reality of the peoples whose territories were invaded by them. In terms of invasion i mean all about that word, not just the invasion of their territories but also their freedom and their way of living.
The objective of the church was always to "build" an ideology that would unify all the people of the roman Empire ( when the roman Empire was at its ending and decay ), all those who have been conquered and submited to others laws, their concerns were in political terms and not religious ones, something that so far has been something characteristic of the church. When the roman empire has fallen, the church tried to replenish it through the ideological achievement and not the military one. When the church tried to do so, they have conveniently forgotten almost all the real teachings of christ. They preferred the rigid authoritarianism, they were and still are nothing but a voracious political frame in fast expansion, working on a light cover of religious concerns. Their concerns in the conversion of the pagan people seems to be only to increase their income and not for the "salvation of souls".
The free people of the world dont need "salvation", all we need is the freedom to face our destiny with courage and honor. We are connected to all our ancestors. They are a part of us. We in turn will be a part of our descendants. We are also linked to all our living kin - to our families and to every man and woman rooted in the tribes of europe. They are our "greater family". We are connected to nature and subject to its laws. The holy powers ofen express themselves in nature's beauty and might.
NOTE: Since i have received many comments telling "Not all christians are like that! There is only one true God! You are wrong! " i suggest you should open your hearts and minds and read it all again, it is not my aim for you to forget your belifs, or to be pagans or become pagans, just to understand and accept some of its values and virtues, i am NOT talking about the followers of the christian belifs, i am NOT speaking of a specific God nor jesus, i am talking about the church, this organized group whose only concerns are not religious ones. They "use" others fears, faith and belifs for their own profit, you can have all the religions you please, all the belifs, you are all free to do so, but open your eyes, hearts and soul, this group are not Gods, nor Saviours, they are just mortals, they dont speak for any deity, they speak for them selfs, this is not religion, it is politics.
My real concerns here ( and it should be yours to ) are the way this world is turning to, the denial of the living nature in the world, the ignorance that surronds us daily, the lack of respect about the world and it's living nature and lack of respect to our selfs, to forget that we are a part of nature, not it subcjeted to us. It is not my aim to change your belifs, spirituality or faith, it is my aim to open your eyes, hearts and soul, to a better understanding of the world all around you.

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