Wight of the Nine Worlds


I welcome thee free spirit, which thou shalt come with an open heart, open mind and an open soul, for what you are about to read can only be understood by the wise who are eager to learn and to embrace the roots deep and forgotten in the hearts of the free people of Europe, by accepting who you are and where your roots lie, is half way into the great road of life. We will journey unto where our spirit takes us with the knowledge we gained. Learn and teach.

Dreams and Visions

Note: The photo was taken by Missloony

Dreams are a part of us, and what would become of us without them? If we dont dream, then we are not alive, unemotional, there are no objectives, dreams can guide us, warn us, or travel in our mind to escape for sometimes the harsh reality, to excape the city life, social problems, the stressful routine, we can learn from dreams and i will give you examples.

Most of the dreams we have are just reflexions of your daily needs, problems,
anxieties, wishes and fears, even if you dont remeber and you ask yourself "what kind of a dream was that?!" all those emotions stay hidden in the back of your brain, and while you sleep, your brain "goes" there and pick all those images, and you can control your dreams, you can think of something while dreaming and it will happen in the dream, but that is most tiring for your brain, and it will reflect in your entire body, because you are thinking in your own thoughts, and when you wake up, its like you have never slept the entire time you were dreaming.
But few times ( but for some people it is
regular ) your dreams may be visions, warnings, jorneys and even you are actually in somewhere out of your body interacting with real people, souls, spirits even Gods. Sometimes you see in your dreams people that were important to you, people that have gone away from this world, most of the time is just your brain working, picking the need to see those people again, to talk with them, say a last word, your wishes and needs, dreadful needs that make you so anxious and your brain starts to enter in a state, that is a burst of images. But few times you actually seeing them, but that doesnt happen so often, and even if it realy happens some day, you will not guess it out.
As i've tould, we may be in contact with other beings, in
situations we think that it is just a dream, that is also why in many times we do not pay any attention to dreams, but they can realy help us in times of need.
I will give you few examples of jorneys or places and situations that have happen to me, out of the body and not a dream, but first i would like to tell you how do you know it is not a dream, if it is real, if you are actually living that. We have to train our brain, our body, we have nightmares and we are led by them to a mournful state of mind, wariness, fear, sorrow, but we have to let it go, train yourself and dont let your dreams / nightmares control you, you can control them, you can wish hard and concentrate,
meditate and you can make your dreams become a real jorney, out of your body experiences, i've work hard in that but i dont have those jorneys too often, since i can remember i have lots of dreams, about things i've never seen before, wars, madness, people getting killed in medieval dark times and even before that, of course today that we can see in books, movies, paintings, but for a child, that the only places to see were the rooms in the house and the garden outside full of beautiful natural things, that may be a bit awkward, runing as a tall adult man in the snow among naked dark pine trees in a great forest, dressed with clothes made of animal fur, with others like me, runing and screaming with swords and axes, towards an hidden enemy that is shouting beyond the snowy hills, and other dreams like these as i was a child, to see myself killing and blood everywhere, but the visions were not always this, but also beautiful places, so beautiful to my eyes, and i was just standing there in awe. So in time i have development a capacity to know what is a dream and what is a vision and what is a jorney, i know what i am actually living, and what is just a dream to joke about, sometimes i dream with my eyes open, hallucinations and i know that, but other times i see and it is real, so i will now give you examples of what i have seen, few examples that might be very interesting.
Once while i was resting my body in the bed, i closed my eyes and i went to a place of complete darkness, there was nothing to be seen but i was there moving and hearing sounds, nature sounds, the wind in the trees, my steps over fallen leafs and the cracking of twigs, and i've heard voices, and laughter, there was a light in tones of autumn, all around there were naked trees, helm and oak trees, i went there, all i saw a great bonfire and people dancing around it, but they were all shadows, then i saw a great shadowed shap of a man, tall, taller then a normal person, with horns of an elk, and like the others was just a shadow, dark, but i was glad, and i was happy, joy filled me, i almost wanted to dance around the fire, but i was uneasy because i couldn't see the faces and it was moving to fast, in trance and extasy. I had this dream long ago in the 31 of october, then after this i came about a text in a book, and it was talking about the importance of that day, the 31st of october to 1st of November, Samhain, and the night that there is a gap between this world and the other, where the dead can joy us, in every religion talks about this, and that there is a God, a celtic one, ( of course that are many who come in this day, like Odin for the Wildhunt, which in the celtic myths there is also the wildhunt ) in this specific day, calls many to join him, Cernunnos the horned god, this was strange and i had that dream withoug knowing all of this.
An other dream i had, was about a place, green and yellow, far as the eye could see, i was standing in a great hill, and there was a huge tree far away, i could see its
branches touching the clouds, i went down the hill to meet this great tree, when i was closed to it, i saw that the trunk was so large, that i couldn't see anything else of the landscape to the right or to the left, i passed the tree, and i went inside of it, like a ghost, inside there were stairs, all around the trunk but inside, and it went up, always up till i could see no more but a great light in tones of a soft blue and white, i saw many people going for it, hundreds or maybe thousands of souls and i knew they were souls, glowing, the inside of the tree was beautiful and the bark so smooth, tiny yellow lights dancing everywhere, like butterflies but glowing like fireflies, there was grass where i was standing in amazement, so green and clean, fresh with dew drops, i saw then a man, clothed in grey, a great white beard, there was a shadow in his face by his left side, there was no left eye, and a wolf behind him, they were both walking in my direction, and all was well.
Another that i had was not so long ago, about 2 weeks ago, while my girlfriend was playing the lyre she gave me as a gift, the music she played, the sound of it was strange, the melody was beautiful and yet so sad, but the sound of the strings could not make sadness reach my ears, each string made an happy sound, i was relaxed, i smiled and i closed my eyes, but i opened them again and somewhere between my room and what was going on, i say in front of my eyes a dream, but i was awake in there, in the room with my girlfriend, and i saw a beautiful deep forest, all in tones of green, the top of the trees in dark greens, the ground of light green and roots gently embracing all the surroundings, it was a grey sky, and a soft rain, mist came intertwined with the trunks of the trees, leaving the moss so green and fresh, i was just there, between the border of the forest and a vast green field that ended with an other part of the forest, it was a glade in that valley, i saw then the tall grass moving, something walking to me, it was a wolf, he was calm and so was i, he stoped, then in the forest to my left there was a standing figure, starting to walk in my direction, clothed in animal fur, and a voice near the wolf said "He is Dagda..." and something else that i cant remember, after this was over, i went to see if Dagda meant something, and i read that he is a Celtic God, older then all.
Also when i am with my girlfriend, in a more
intimate situation, in other words, making love, when i reach the orgasm, i see often wolves runing towards a hill, amoung trees, many trees, and i am runing with them, and i am also a wolf, i can hear them breathing fast, i can fell the wind in my fur, the howls, and i can smell all things, in a clear night of full moon, and its silver light in our backs, in our gray fur, the sensation is of total freedom, something that i've never had before and i can see this for about 1 year and a half, then all of us wolves, get to the top of that great hill, and in fact it was a mountain, because down, far below, there is a great valley as far as the eye can see, with many forests, and few wooden houses with smoke coming out of the stone chimneys and a great river that flows to the horrizon, shining in silver and white because of the light of the moon, all so fast in extasy and happiness we stand there at the top of the world howling.
I dream a lot, but i have also visions and jorneys, but
unfortunately those are few, but when i have them, it changes me completly.

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Miss Loony said...

Desta vez fartaste-te de escrever :P tens é que fazer uma pequena revisão aos erros de escrita rapida u.u
Gostei de ler,apesar de ja saber de tudo o que escreveste,acho que é um assunto que dá muito que falar e que se tem de interpretar cuidadosamente,nem toda a gente tem sensibilidade para o fazer,há mesmo quem nem sonhos tenha...
Eu ficaria dias aqui a escrever,mas prefiro falar ao vivo u.u dá para expandir mais a conversa.

Arith Härger said...

então ao vivo falamos meu bebe! e tens razao, tem de se expressar este tipo de conversa com mais cuidado e detalhadamente, coisa que nao fiz. Mas como tenho a cabeça, tando todo zambaneta.. toca arpa para mim mais umas vezes pi! Amo-te