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"Madr is the joy of mankind and an augmentation of dust and adorner of ships."
"The Icelandic Rune Poem"

This rune was also known as Mann or Madr and its pronunciation in the common alphabet is the letter "M".
Mannaz is the rune of humankind. Its variant name, Mann, should not be taken to mean that only those of the male gender are referred to, however. On the contrary, both men and women, all of the family of humankind, are in a sense governed by this rune. In runic tradition, one of the main traits of humanity is the faculty of foresight, thus the symbolism of Mannaz is enriched by its identification with the keen-eyed hawk. In terms of the vegetable kingdom, the rune is associated with the ash and the elm. This link is made because Norse mythology states that the very first humans were fashioned from the wood of the ash and elm trees.

Upright Meaning:
The appearence of Mannaz always relates directly to the person who has asked the question. It may signify your status and the way that others tend to perceive you. It also serves as a reminder that we are all products of our experiences and urges you to take a good look at your own conduct before criticising those around you. The rune may well have further implications: it can reveal that you have been deluding yourself and that you are not the person you thought yourself to be. So when this rune is prominent in your reading, it is time for a reassessment and an examination of your motives and aims. Equally, the motives pf others should come under scrutiny, and you should ask some searching questions before committing yourself to anything binding. Mannaz is not a rune of haste, so if important decisions are to be made and Mannaz appears in a reading, take your time, consult a trusted advisor who has no personal interest in the situation and wait to see what develops. Legal affairs and far-reaching decisions are likely when this rune is drawn, but this is no reason to panic. If you slow down and look within yourself, it is likely that you will find the right solution.

Inverted Meaning:

When this rune is inverted, you must be aware that someone close to you bears you ill will. In a negative position, Mannaz usually indicates an enemy, but this is not always so. For instance, some rune readers suggest that it can denote male homosexuality or the nervousness and lack of courage that is the result of a life blighted by  an overly strict figure. Look to the next rune in your reading for advice.

Body Part: Gonads. Hormone production. Puberty.
Associated Maladies:
Hormone imbalances. Intersex conditions. Menopause.
Affecting many other organs or body parts.
Hormone therapy of some sort.

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Erik said...

Mannaz. This is a great description and reading of this rune. I enjoy this part: "Legal affairs and far-reaching decisions are likely when this rune is drawn, but this is no reason to panic. If you slow down and look within yourself, it is likely that you will find the right solution."

I just drew Mannaz out of my bag today to help guide me with some new legal developments had arrived.

Good Job, Thanks!

Arith Härger said...

Thank you! I'm glad that I could help and I hope you somehow the runes might help you too.

Unknown said...

Hello, you have a very lovely blog! Thank you for such an informative write-up on mannaz. I chanced upon your blog while searching for information about the rune. I was shown the symbol while meditating. Several mannaz runes were linked up to form a circle which looked like a star... or starburst. There were several layers of them that looked as if they were made up of light and they seemed to be rotating, shining vibrantly. A big inverted mannaz was then shown to me as if it was emphasizing on the rune and trying to tell me something but I am totally clueless. May I ask if you know anything about the use of mannaz to make a star formation please? Thank you so much!

Unknown said...

The only malady associated with homosexuality or intersex is that bigots think and respond to it as if it's a malady. Grow up and stop being the disease. If we treat people with respect, there's no trauma caused.