Wight of the Nine Worlds


I welcome thee free spirit, which thou shalt come with an open heart, open mind and an open soul, for what you are about to read can only be understood by the wise who are eager to learn and to embrace the roots deep and forgotten in the hearts of the free people of Europe, by accepting who you are and where your roots lie, is half way into the great road of life. We will journey unto where our spirit takes us with the knowledge we gained. Learn and teach.

Working with the Gods: Frigga

For those who practice the Norse spiritual ways, shamanism, keep in mind that when calling upon Frigga or if by any chance you know she will come to you, keep everything as clean as possible, even yourself. Whatever place you might do the spiritual work it must be a tidy and clean space.
Frigga's colors are light or pale blue and white, these are actually the main colors of the sky for she is also a sky goddess. Always remember that even being the wife of Odin and living in the realm of the Aesir, war-like deities, Frigga isn't a goddess of war nor does she works in those ways. Remember that Frigga is a lady, a very polite and sensitive one, very wise, a matriarch. Think of her as the Ladyship of a noble English family in the in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, in truth that's what she is, not of the English nobility, but of the royal house of the Aesir, she is the Queen.

Frigga prefers female spiritual workers, mature female spiritual workers, independent women, mothers, housewives, hard working women. A woman being capable of doing traditional works such as weaving is also something very important for Frigga.

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