Wight of the Nine Worlds


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Mythology around Runes: Algiz

Note: The Drawing was made by me.


The deities primarily associated with Algiz are the Valkyries, the shape shifting warrior woman. These daughters of Odin were the protectors of brave men in battle, but also chose the most suitable candidates for a seat at their father's table in Valhalla after their deaths.
Accomplished in magic, The Valkyries often took the forms of carrion birds when carrying out their grim business. The footprint of these birds may be the origin of the shape of this rune. The brooding watchman of the gods, Heimdall, is also connected with Algiz because he, in his form as a beacon or watchtower, is symbolic of the illumination that Algiz give.
Also the shape of the rune Algiz reminded some northern peoples the antlers of the mighy elk.

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