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"Sol is the shield of the sky and shining rays and destroyer of ice."
"The Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem"

This rune was known as Sol to the Norse and as Sigil to the Anglo-Saxons of Northumbria.
In the comun alphabet it is the letter "S".
Sowelo is the rune of the sun, expressing the brightness, fertility and good fortune associated with that heavenly orb. It speaks of the life force and of the urge to grow that is found in all living things.
Sowelo's symbols include the soaring eagle, the venerable oak tree and also the juniper and bay trees.
Mistletoe, which is also associated with the twelfth rune, Jera, is another potent symbol of the sun. The shape of the rune suggests a flash of lighning descending to earth, an association that brings the formidable power of the mighty god of thunder, Thor, into the interpretation of the Sowelo rune.


In the harsh northern world, the sun was beloved by all. Sowelo is thus primarily a rune of love. Its appearance in a reading casts a warm glow over all of the other runes present and undoes much of the harm that they may foretell. It is also a rune of hope, promising that the sun will rise once more, even when one is in the darkest night. It is a particularly good rune to draw when one is in trouble, because it will ensure a happy outcome. One might also say that Sowelo expresses the idea of poetic justice, because it indicates that wrongdoers will gain nothing but an apt punishment for their offences.
If you have a major decision to make, then the appearance of Sowelo will reveal the truth of the situation, making your choice easier. There is a spiritual dimension to this rune, too, and when it is drawn, contact with your inner self will guide you.
In affairs of the heart, this rune is a good omen. Thor, one of the patron deities of Sowelo, was invoked at weddings in viking times, when brides wore red, the colour of Thor, and held the god's symbol, the hammer, as the vows were exchanged.
Sowelo signals a time when happiness and harmony will reign and justice will prevail. The rune's association with the sun may also hint at an enjoyable holiday. It is also said to be good sign of victory in athletics or sport.
Sowelo has no inverted interpretation.

Body Part: Adrenal glands.
Associated Maladies: Over or underactive adrenals, which can lower immune system.
Action: Fighting and winning.
Solution: Exercise. Possibly harsh allopathic medicine is needed.

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LaiLah Selah said...

Thank you for posting this. Today sowelo glowed in the dark before my eyes in beautiful shades of purple, as a neon light surrounded by darkness.

Arith Härger said...

And what meaning have you taken from that LaiLah?