Wight of the Nine Worlds


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Mythology around Runes: Dagaz



Because Dagaz is elementally governed by fire, two fire gods of radically differing characteristics are associated with it. The first is Heimdall, symbolised by a steady torch or beacon shinning in the darkness. Heimdall is the sentinel of the gods, the guardian of the rainbow bridge, ever watchful and the bringer of enlightenment to mortals ( it was he who revealed the secrets of the runes to humankind ). The other god connected with Dagaz is the untrustworthy ( for some ) Loki, the trickster. Loki is too clever for his own, or, indeed, anyone else's good.
Although he did some beneficial things, these boons were usually a by-product of his mischievous acts.
Even so, he is the blood brother of Odin and was usually cunning enough to talk his way out of trouble.
Loki represents wild, uncontrolled flames. Heimdall represents warmth, security and illumination. The two gods were great rivals and were fated to kill each other on the dreaful day of Ragnarok.

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